Book Review: Debra White Smith’s “The Jane Austen Series – First Impressions”

Jane Austen‘s romantic classic “Pride and Prejudice” (aka “First Impressions“) gets resurrected in author Debra White Smith’s version. Smith’s modernized novel gives readers an entertaining tale with many of the main stars being professionals (ex: lawyer, veterinarian, CEO and police officer).

Our 21st century versions of Darcy (Dave Davidson) and Elizabeth (Eddi Boswick), meet during a local town meeting about the upcoming “Pride and Prejudice” play. A terrifying tornado forces them to get close during their first encounter, but ignites a war. As the story progresses. the successful businessman and lawyer score the leading roles in the iconic play and their lives get turned upside down as their family and friends embark on topsy-turvy relationships with each other.

Dave and Eddi’s connection mirrors Austen’s book at every turn with her eldest sister and his best friend falling in love, her youngest sister dating his estranged cousin, Dave’s aunt strong disapproval of Eddi and more. The major differences lie in Eddi’s family business, her youngest sister’s mistake and the nationalities of the stars (the story is set in Texas rather than England.)

Overall, the book was an interesting read. I loved the striking similarities between the classic and the modern version and looked forward to spotting the unique surprises Smith sprinkled in. If you are anxious to expand your vocabulary, this book will definitely be in your top 10.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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