Book Review: Diann Mills’ “Burden of Proof”

In DiAnn Mills’ latest book, FBI Special Agent April Ramos and business owner Jason Snyder’s lives become forever entwined after a chance meeting.“Burden of Proof” has a jarring beginning with April still reeling from a recent suicide she tried to prevent. A young woman dropping a kidnapped baby in her arms made matters even worse when her own life is in danger. April gets held at gunpoint by the baby’s father (Jason Snyder) and embarks on the ride of a lifetime.

“Burden of Proof” places a spotlight on Jason’s road to justice, his deceased friend and neighbors. The young widower convinced that a crooked sheriff is behind his town’s heinous crimes, including framing him for murder. He briefly holds April hostage to convince her of this fact and fear that she’ll arrest him as well. Their strange interaction quickly escalates from hostile to comrades as they slowly discover the truth behind local crime in Jason’s hometown. Surprisingly, the two learn that nothing is as it seems. The criminals behind the most shocking crimes are (almost) more astonishing than the crimes themselves! Their motives are frightful yet heartbreaking all at the same time. The positive  aspect of the whole dangerous situation has to be April’s renewed interest in Christianity. She draws closer to God as everything around her becomes uncertain.

Diann Mills’ “Burden of Proof” was tailor-made for staunch mystery and crime genre lovers. There is a touch of romance, but the main focus is trying to uncover who is behind murder and corruption plaguing the town. The book releases in October 2018.

*A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for an advance reader copy of the book*

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