[Future BTSCelebs’ Review] Carla Laureano’s The Solid Grounds Coffee Company

After reviewing Carla Laureano’s “The Saturday Night Supper Club” and “Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe”, I’ll dive into the third novel in the delicious series titled “The Solid Grounds Coffee Company”.

This exciting new tale, which is scheduled to be released in February, follows Analyn Sanchez’s journey to a new career and her future relationship with a pro rock climber. Analyn is the last friend in the trio of besties we have yet to learn about. “The Solid Grounds Coffee Company” promises to conclude the Supper Club Novel Series I’ve come to love.

Stay Tuned to BTSCelebs in the coming weeks for the complete review! Also, enjoy my past interview with author Carla Laureano by clicking here.

*A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the advance reader copy of the book*


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