“Married At First Sight” Producer, Alicia Godmasch, Takes On “The Hunger Games” Fans in Debut Novel “RETROGRADE: THE DARKNESS”

Courtesy of A.O. Godmasch/Elisa Garcia

“Out of all the genres of entertainment, I love Science Fiction the best because it answers the what if questions. There are no limitations in Science Fiction. I literally dreamed up a world and here it is on paper and screens small and wide now.”

The quote above was from the amazing author Alicia Godmasch. She is ready to delight “The Hunger Games”, “Starship Troopers” and “World War Z” fans with her debut sci-fi/adventure novel, “RETROGRADE: THE DARKNESS”. A recent press release from Tadpole Communications introduced her upcoming project (scheduled for release on Dec. 8th) and gave a backstory on Mrs. Godmasch.


The press release sums it up this way – “Godmasch’s novel tells the gripping tale of a far-off planet, Damara, on the brink of destruction from the mighty Retrograde. To fend off the attack, the protagonist, Isis, defies her mother’s wishes and enlists in Cairo’s elite military unit. Joined in battle by the mysterious and enigmatic Khalfani Abaza, Isis finds herself drawn to him in inexplicable ways. As the Retrograde barrels down on them, the force uniting them grows stronger. Once they connect with Aurora, a fearless army brigade leader, the mystery behind their magnetic connection slowly unfolds, but only at Aurora’s will and on her terms. The trio must rely on each other to survive a near-impossible mission. If they fail, Damara’s very existence will be no more.”

Who is Alicia Godmasch?

Courtesy of A.O. Godmasch/Elisa Garcia

You know her best as a producer from  “Married At First Sight”. She comes from famous roots with uncles being the editor-in-chief of Emerge Magazine (Wilmer Ames Jr) and the CEO and Founder of First Choice Bank (Herbert K. Ames). Ames shattered racial barriers by being the first African American model for Sears Corporation.

Mrs. Godmasch, who goes by the pen name A. O. Godmasch, earned her degree in Business Management and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She is currently Maswell Films co-owner, The Bigger Picture Films executive producer  and Sunlight Casting CEO. Her complete resume will completely blow you away. This bright star even speaks German, Italian and English! On a more personal level, she is married to her German husband and has a stepdaughter. She has mentioned that her family is the inspiration for her new novel.

“The relationship between military leader Aurora and her adoptive daughter Apple is actually based on the relationship that I have for my stepdaughter, Katharina… Even now, she remains one of the best parts of my marriage. I love her just as if she were my own child. Aurora’s relationship with the love of her life, Urion, is loosely based off of my husband and his personality.”

“RETROGRADE: THE DARKNESS” releases on December 8th.

A Special Thanks to Tadpole Communications  and The Prenner Group for the press release and images.

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