[Movie Review] “Dolphin Island”

Escape to the peaceful world of “Dolphin Island”!

In the Mr. Puppy Presents film, Peter Woodward stars as a caring grandfather living with his teenage granddaughter (Tyler Jade Nixon) in a natural conservation center created by her deceased parents. The pair enjoy an uncomplicated existence alongside fellow islanders and adorable wildlife like the dolphin Mitzy until her maternal grandparents (Annette Lovrien Duncan and David Raizor) return.

The majority of the family-centered movie places a spotlight on the warm and loving relationships between family, friends and potential love interests. Viewers even witness the grandparents’ desperate attempt to protect their granddaughter from the danger that took away her parents a decade ago. Everything in the G-rated filmed is rooted in love, and the island paradise, where the conservation center is located, is wonderfully tranquil. You’ll be able to take a virtual vacation while you enjoy the motion picture.

I highly recommend everyone check out this movie! It’s a fun ride for all ages.

“Dolphin Island” releases on most video-on-demand platforms on March 2nd, 2021.

A Special Thanks to Collide Media Group/Collide Distribution and Shaked Berenson’s Entertainment Squad  for the film screener and image.


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