Review: The Joffrey Ballet’s “Under the Trees’ Voices”

Stefan Goncalvez, Photo by Matt de la Peña

Tonight, the world premiere of “Under The Trees’ Voices” was streamed live on The Joffrey Ballet’s YouTube Channel. The 28-minute work, which featured 15 Joffrey Artists, exuded the charm of ‘Winning Works” and “Modern Masters”.

“Under The Trees’ Voices” effortlessly showcased the agony many felt over the past year when we thought of the happiness of community. From friendship circles to romantic relationships, many things were put on hold due to health concerns. The dancers made us all jealous with the ease of human touch and interaction through each scene. However, they didn’t forget to mask up during the performance and contrast the connection of the past with the social distancing encouraged in 2020 into the present.

Their costumes were sexy, while it made them one with nature. Green leaves adorned the nude toned outfits. The stage as a whole had a simplistic design that made the audience fondly think of the great outdoors.

The show was choreographed by Nicolas Blanc and featured music by the late Italian composer Ezio Bosso (Symphony No. 2).

Dylan Gutierrez and Jeraldine Mendoza, Photo by Matt de la Peña

Fans of the arts and lovers of all types of performing arts will enjoy this performance.

You can now stream the recorded version of “Under The Trees’ Voices” for free through Joffrey Ballet’s YouTube Channel (

Dylan Gutierrez and Jeraldine Mendoza, Photo by Matt de la Peña

BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to The Silverman Group and The Joffrey Ballet.

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