BTSCelebs to Review Erica Wiggenhorn’s “Letting God Be Enough” + Francine Rivers’ “The Lady’s Mine”

Credit: Moody Publishers

In a couple of weeks, BTSCelebs will be publishing a complete review of “A Wish Book Christmas“. For the remainder of the fall, the “Letting God Be Enough: Why Striving Keeps You Stuck and How Surrender Sets You Free” and “The Lady’s Mine” are the next books I’ll be reading. I mentioned Erica Wiggenhorn’s new book in the preview article and my exclusive interview with her. Now, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the non-fiction title. It’s time to see how Moses’ struggle can relate to our problems in the modern-day.

“Letting God Be Enough” is currently available.

Credit: Tyndale House Publishers

This historical romance is set in the 1870s and all the action takes place in the Sierra Nevadas. According to the synopsis, a woman from the East coast (Kathryn Walsh) travels to a mining town to claim an inheritance from an estranged uncle. Upon arrival, she butts heads with the influential locals, while gaining a love interest in a local saloon and hotel owner (Matthias Beck). “The Lady’s Mine” is written by bestselling author Francine Rivers, who also wrote the famous novel “Redeeming Love”.

“The Lady’s Mine” is supposed to  be released in February 2022.

I’m excited to read both of these books, and the complete reviews are scheduled to be shared in the coming weeks!

A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group, Moody Publishers and Tyndale House Publishers for the books and images. 

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