[Interview] Todd Shoemaker: [Dead Man Running] Is God’s Story. All Credit And Praise Goes To Him.

Credit: Docsology Films

BTSCelebs: Who is Todd Shoemaker?

Todd Shoemaker: I am a husband, friend, servant and prayer warrior.

How did you become a Christian?

I became a Christian at the age of 10. Even though my decision was real, it was mostly made because my big brother came to know Jesus. It was not until I arrived at Palm Beach Atlantic University at the age of 19, that my relationship with Jesus became truly real. I was blessed with some wonderful Christian roommates. Jesus helped my roommates guide me into a rededication of my relationship.

What compelled you to tell your story in “Dead Man Running”?

Credit: Docsology Films

Several friends encouraged me to share my story with a larger audience. I also want to encourage others dealing with some life issues to stay positive during the journey.

Which family or friend do you feel was shocked the most by your miracle and will to live?

I would say my mom and godson were truly shocked by my miracle.

Why did you choose to release the film free of charge?

This is God’s story. All credit and praise goes to Him. Also, I never want anyone not to see this film because of financial issues.

What message do you want people of all religions to take away from your movie?

To be stronger in their faith. To walk away encouraged. To leave with more hope. To keep fighting the battle.

What additional projects should we expect from you for rest of the year into 2022?

Hopefully going to update our book The Blessed Overcomer in 2022. Based on the Covid situation, I would love to speak at churches, other ministries and universities.

Click Here to read the official press release to learn more about Todd Shoemaker and his new film.

A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group and Docsology Films for the exclusive interview and images. 

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