Book Review: Francine Rivers’ “The Lady’s Mine”

Credit: Tyndale House Publishers

This February, Francine Rivers, the bestselling author behind “Redeeming Love”, releases another historical romance titled “The Lady’s Mine”.

In this new tale, outspoken Kathryn Walsh is a suffragette who gets forced out of her family home due to her disobedient ways.

The Bostonian is sent to a rogue mining town on the west coast to inherit her estranged relative’s (Conner Thomas Walsh aka City Walsh) inheritance. Upon her arrival, she finds the dilapidated newspaper business she now owns and a puzzling mine. Kathryn manages to resurrect the paper, accidentally fall in love with a respected businessman (Matthias Beck) and dedicates her life to helping her new hometown and its citizens flourish. The deserted mine, on the other hand, takes awhile to cultivate. She works hard throughout the story to realize if it’s worth anything and if she can try mining all by herself. However, it’s her acquaintance with mayor Morgan Sanders and surface knowledge of the local brothel that exposes the truth about the hidden dangers of the town and the mystery surrounding City Walsh’s life and death.

“The Lady’s Mine” plants the history seed for those who prefer stories rooted in the past. It’s significantly different from her previous novel I read “The Masterpiece“. Besides history, it touches on romance, mystery, faith and some action.

“The Lady’s Mine” is scheduled to be released on February 8th, 2022.

A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the advance reader copy of the book and cover image

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