Billie Jauss Releases An All New Book Today

Billie Jauss: “As we grow spiritually healthy, we can discern God’s best – and watch him work in ways we never imagined.”

Are you a fan of the “start small BELIEVE BIG” podcast or the book “Making Room: Doing Less So God Can Do More”? Then you are going to love today’s big news! The woman behind those inspirational projects just released the new book “DISTRACTION DETOX: Release Emotional Barriers. Restructure Priorities. Realize God’s Best”

According to an official press release from Biscuit Media Group and Iron Stream Media, the latest book from Billie Jauss aims to help women find inner peace and fulfilment in this busy modern world.

This is how the press release describes DISTRACTION DETOX: “Sometimes it isn’t external distractions, but the internal emotional barriers that produce feelings of discouragement and defeat in our lives. Written directly from her own person experiences, Billie shares how detoxing from emotional toxins, realigning priorities, and creating a spiritual health plan can allow women to claim confidence and find fulfillment not in adding one more thing, but to realize God’s best things. DISTRACTION DETOX was written to help women: Determine their internal distractions

Evaluate their emotional barriers

Terminate their toxins to hear, trust, and go

Outline a plan to identify God’s best things

eXecute the plan.”

The author added, “My mission has always been to help women overcome the obstacles in their lives to find peace and purpose,” Billie shares. “My prayer is that women can take a step back, quiet their inner monolog, and make space so God can give them a clear mind and a clear purpose. God so desires us to live confident, peaceful, fulfilled lives. As we grow spiritually healthy, we can discern God’s best – and watch him work in ways we never imagined.”

Visit Billie Jauss’ official website ( for more information about the author/speaker and her latest release.

A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group and Iron Stream Media for the info and images. 

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