Carla Laureano Releases New Book Series

This Spring, Carla Laureano will start rolling out an all new book series titled Haven Ridge, according to a official press release from Laureano Creative Media. The very first novel on her list is The Broken Hearts Bakery. It is scheduled to be released on April 10th, 2023.

What is the book about?

After several years away, Gemma returns to her hometown Haven Ridge. Her longtime best friend summoned her there to babysit her teen stepdaughter, Taylor, while she is away on a business trip. During Gemma’s stay, she becomes a safe haven for bullied Taylor and a group of other teen girls who are dealing with real life issues. She mends their hearts and souls with “baked goods and words of affirmation” at The Broken Hearts Bakery. Gemma also runs into her high school sweetheart Stephen, who is resolute to change her mind about everything from her past.

Click Here to read the full synopsis on BTSCelebs‘ Facebook page.

A Special Thanks to Carla Laureano for the info and cover image. 


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