[Interview] 9 Questions with “The Confession Musical” Star Caroline Clay

Actors John Michael McDonald and Caroline Clay

“The Confession Musical” opens in theaters for a limited engagement on February 20th! Before you head to the movies, BTSCelebs is giving you the golden opportunity to learn more about the leading actress Caroline Clay, who plays character Katie Lapp. In our exclusive interview, you’ll learn more about this talented actress’ journey to “The Confession Musical,” interesting behind the scenes info about the production and more.

Let’s meet Caroline Clay now.

BTSCelebs: Who is Caroline Clay professionally?

Caroline Clay:  Caroline Clay is an actress, singer, and visual artist from Greenbo Lake, Kentucky. After graduating from Morehead State University with a degree in Theatre and Communications, she has gone onto act and perform in theatres and films across the country. Off the stage and screen, Caroline is a Theme Park Scenic Artist for Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, where she lives with her fiancé, Jordan.

What piqued your interest in performing arts?

When I was a child I really loved Halloween. Not necessarily because it was scary or involved candy, but I loved the idea of putting on costumes and makeup and getting to ‘play a character.’ When I was 7 years old, my dad took my sister and I to audition for a local play. We were cast and instantly fell in love with acting as an art form. The community and support that comes with it, the responsibility that you feel to your fellow actors, and the way it helps you overcome shyness we’re all incredible building blocks for me at that age.

What was your knowledge of Beverly Lewis and her novels before auditioning for “The Confession Musical?”

I have to admit, my knowledge of Beverly Lewis and her novels was very limited before this project. Now, I am so honored to have the privilege of bringing her character to life, and I feel very lucky to be able to tell this story.

How did you secure the leading role of Katie Lapp?

There is a song in The Confession, ‘I’m Lost,’ that Katie sings in her attic after she finds out she is adopted. It just so happens that the producers of Blue Gate Musicals, Dan Posthuma and Wally Nason, have heard me sing that song before for various projects I have collaborated with them on in the past. Not to toot my own horn, but that was a song I was born to sing. It’s right in my range, I love the emotion behind it.. it’s just perfect for me. So, when the auditions were announced for The Confession, I spoke to Wally, and he suggested that I audition with that song, since it’s part of the show. I sent in a video of me singing it, and the rest is history.

Please tell us about some memorable moments you shared with your co-stars. What is your favorite scene in the musical?

I’m not joking when I say that every single member of this cast was a gem to work with, and I am so happy to be able to call them my friends as well as cast mates. 

I shared a dressing room with Caitlin Borek, my fabulous co-star who plays Allison. Every single day (sometimes twice a day), she would take time out of her own schedule to braid my hair so that it would fit under my bonnet. I have incredibly long, waist-length hair, and getting it all on top of my head was a challenge. But Caitlin used her talents to make sure none of it would fall out of my Amish bonnet, and I so appreciate her for that. She is such a good friend. 

Chonda Pierce became like a mom to me, and I was so surprised when one day, after only knowing each other for a week, she brought me a gift! It was a lovely crocheted shawl, and I was so surprised when I opened it. She said she had been shopping and just thought it was something I would like. I was overwhelmed by her kindness, and now I wear my shawl almost every day (perfect for Florida’s cooler days).

My favorite scene to shoot was definitely my opening scene with John Michael McDonald (Daniel). Between takes, we often had to wait several minutes for cameras to be moved around, so John Michael would play me original songs on his guitar. We had the best time; always laughing and singing while he played music. I could not have hand-picked a better co-star to play most of my scenes with. He is the best. 

Two of my co-stars in particular who I think deserve a shout-out are… Bobby Hall and Monica DePaul. They are in the ensemble of the cast and they each sing a verse of “Life That’s Plain,” but what the audience won’t see is that they also served as our backstage managers and cast managers. Playing Katie Lapp is a three-hour marathon, with several costume changes, props to carry on and off stage, and lots of running back and forth. They helped me every step of the way! They “put out fires” everywhere, made sure that everything was organized and ready, and for that I have unending admiration and thankfulness for them.

I haven’t seen the film yet, but I imagine my favorite scenes will be the big group numbers, like “Life That’s Plain” or the finale song, “My Heart Has Found a Home.” It’s always so triumphant when the entire cast gets to be onstage together, and those songs are just SO catchy!

Congratulations on your engagement! Tell us about your love story. How did you two meet? How did he pop the question?

My darling Jordan and I met several years ago only once when we were both working for a children’s theatre in Missoula, Montana. We reconnected in fall 2019 when I just so happened to be doing a musical. The show was very close to where he was living in Pennsylvania, and he came to see it. We have now been together more than three years. He proposed to me last May in New York City right before we saw Lion King on Broadway. He is an angel in my life; so patient and so kind. He is also incredibly supportive of my career and even drove more than 6 hours to see one of the live tapings of The Confession! I imagine some of the claps and cheers you will hear from the audience on the film will be his.

What additional projects should we anticipate from you this year?

I can’t talk about future projects at this moment, but if anyone is in need of a blonde actress/singer for their upcoming project, you can always reach out via my website carolinewclay.com!

All the best to Caroline Clay on the release of her new film!

A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group and Caroline Clay for the exclusive interview and image.


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