Review: Chonda Pierce and John Schneider’s “The Confession Musical”

On February 20th, “The Confession Musical” arrives in theaters for a limited engagement.

In the live theatre movie, Katie Lapp (Caroline Clay) lives the picture perfect (plain) life in an Amish community with her loving family, friends and husband-to-be. Everything is fine until the sudden disappearance of her fiancé and discovery of her birth secret. After learning that she is adopted, she goes on a journey to find her birth mother, Laura Mayfield (Liz Brooks). Her birth mom’s mansion is the polar opposite of her perfect life. Terminally ill Laura has been married to her greedy husband Dylan Bennet (John Schneider), who is set on inheriting her wealth when she dies. Thankfully, Katie’s birth mom has the loving care of her faithful servants Rosie and Fulton Taylor (Chonda Pierce) (Colin Alexander) to sustain her until Katie can finally meet her. The intricate details of the play are full of surprises, comedy and a few tearjerker moments. The central theme appears to be unconditional love from God and among people.

“The Confession Musical” is expertly acted and features some meaningful songs. They are the kind of songs you’ll want to listen to again and again. The entire main cast is given the opportunity to express their individual character’s heart through special singles. Main and supporting actors alike perform their hearts out through dance and their own version of comedy. BTSCelebs recommends the film to movie and theatre lovers of all ages. If you love faith, family, comedy, melodrama and a touch of romance, then you’ll enjoy this musical.

A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group and Fathom Events for the film screener and images.

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