K-entertainment Companies Are One Of The Hardest Puzzles To Solve!

Do you want to contact your favorite celebrity for an interview or *cough cough* an article for your website? Well, remember everyone is not who they appear to be!

My experience with K- companies is a very sordid one. However, I won’ t use names out of respect of the individual companies. In my opinion, 3 out of every 30 companies will welcome you with open arms. If you don’t understand Korean, your chances after that are probably 1 to 30. The key to trying to win them over is a great attitude, an open mind, and the ability to wait for months [possibly up to a year] for an answer…not necessary the answer you want, but an answer of some sort.

Should you try to contact them at all? Of course! However, remember it may not always be the answer you are looking for.

Image Source:  Geology.com [All rights to the image belong to Geology.com]

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