Megan Lee Will Star in K-Pop Influenced Show on Nickelodeon

Photo Credit: Megan Lee's Official Facebook

Photo Credit: Megan Lee’s Official Facebook

“Make It Pop”!

The phrase above is the title to Megan Lee‘s upcoming K-pop inspired series for Nickelodeon. Today, a “Make It Pop” press release hit the internet waves talking about the comedy/musical series focused on entertaining young audiences in the US.

MIP is about boarding school roommates bonding over music and forming a popular K-pop like band. Megan stars as a social media expert named Sun Hi.

The actress and real life K-pop singer shared the following message with her fans on social media today:

“I need your support now…more than ever! We’ve been walking thru this together since day#1 & thank you for your faith in me”

This series makes me want to maintain cable and be an avid viewer! Go Megan! BTSCelebs is cheering for you.

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[Interview] 9 Questions with Ellie Holcomb

Ellie_With You Now_360

Meet a talented independent recording artist with loads of inspiration!

CCM singer Ellie Holcomb, who is a wife and mom, is beginning to inspire the masses with her serene and uplifting tunes. Recently, BTSCelebs was given the opportunity to interview the newly crowned Dove award winner.

Read her answers to 9 questions on everyone’s’ mind below.

BTSCelebs: Who is Ellie Holcomb?

Ellie Holcomb: I’m a recovering perfectionist who has, by the grace of God, been set free by the love of Jesus.

According to your Bio, you have a Master’s degree in Education. Why did you choose to pursue a career in music?

I’m an accidental musician. I actually set out to avoid the music business all together, swearing I’d never marry a musician and pursuing a Master’s in Education. My husband initially convinced me to quit my job to join his band, and what we thought would be a year-long diversion turned into a decade of making music together and separately. When I tried to quit my husbands band to be a stay at home mom, God began opening up all sorts of doors to share the music I’d been writing on my own with the world. It’s a joy, and although I never thought I’d be doing this, I am grateful to get to remind myself and others of the promises of God by writing and playing music.

Did your dad, music producer Brown Bannister, encourage you to sign with a major label rather than take your chosen independent route? 

He encouraged me to listen to Jesus & to do what brought my heart peace. That sweet man has always encouraged me to do that, and I’m so grateful for that wisdom.

Which song on your debut album “As Sure As The Sun” is the closest to your heart? Why?

The title track, “As Sure As the Sun” is probably the closest to my heart.

When my husband and I started dreaming about having a family of our own, I wanted to write a song that would carry the truths that I hoped this little person I was dreaming about would know in the very depths of their being. As it turns out, they’re the promises that I need to remember most as well…the promise of God’s presence in the heights of our joy and in the depths of our suffering and the promise of God’s unending mercy (Hos. 6:3 & Lam.3:22-24). It’s the song that I now sing to our little girl every night before I put her to bed, and it’s the song that often rings true with me, even when I feel like a failure as a mom or a friend or a follower of Jesus.

Which song would you recommend to someone who has never heard your music before? Why?

Probably “As Sure As the Sun” or “The Broken Beautiful” because those are the songs of mine that I keep needing to hear the most often. They are the songs that remind me most of what I’ve seen to be true about Jesus.

Your album had rave reviews. How did it feel to be mentioned in Buzzfeed’s 2014’s Top 15 Standout Albums article? 


You are about to embark on an American tour with Third Day.  What would you like to share about this upcoming tour? 

I’m so honored to be opening on for Third Day on this tour! I love the music that they make and what I’ve heard of this worship record that they’re releasing is just wonderful as well.

Regarding your audience in each state, who do you want to reach the most on this tour?

The weary. I discovered late in life that it was ok to NOT be ok, and that Jesus is very near to the broken hearted, and I spent a good portion of my life hiding the brokenness.  I always hope to reach people who are feeling hopeless and let them know that they are not alone in the struggle, and that because of who Jesus is and what He did on the cross, that we can bring all of our doubt, pain, ache, not-enoughness to Him, because He is always more than enough. That’s the truth I need to hear anyway, so I suppose I hope I speak to the people who struggle like me.

What are your plans for 2015?

I’m starting to write again, which is always life-giving to me, and I’ll be on tour this spring with Third Day and then Steven Curtis Chapman and Brandon Heath. When I’m home, I’ll be enjoying our family and community in Nashville.

Click Here to visit Ellie’s official website to learn more about recording artist Ellie Holcomb.

Ellie_With You Now_130-Edit

*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Merge PR and Ellie Holcomb for the interview and images.*

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Daniel Henney’s Movie, Big Hero 6, Wins an Academy Award


Daniel Henney‘s team recently shared this message on Facebook, “Big Hero has won the best animated film category at the 2015 Oscars. Congratulations~ Awesome news to start off the lunar new year with!!!”

All rights to the image and quote belong to Disney and Daniel Henney’s team.

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Megan Nicole to Make a Movie Inspired by Her Song “Summer Forever”


The YouTube and Radio Disney songstress Megan Nicole is expanding her career.

Today, Megan shared a very special message about an all new project she is working on for the summer. Check out her message below:

“I am making a movie inspired from my song ‘Summer Forever’! I’ve been keeping this project a secret for a while now, so I’m so excited to finally share it with you all smile emoticon Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. More info coming tomorrow! #SUMR4EVR For more information go to:”


I enjoy watching the majority of Megan’s covers and original singles. I’m excited to see her debut film this summer.

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Megan Nicole.  

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Ricky Kim Shares His Babies’ Homemade Haircuts


South Korean actor and model Ricky Kim can add barber to his resume.

Today, the star tweeted his children’s new haircuts he personally trimmed. The proud daddy shared the following quote to accompany the cute photos above.

“Happy new year again^^ kids got new cuts today…cuts by daddy♡♡☆☆”

Great job, Ricky!

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Ricky Kim. 

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Insurgent’s Keiynan Lonsdale Shares Special Photo with Veronica Roth

KeiynanLonsdale_VeronicaRoth The series’ new Uriah is promoting his upcoming film “Insurgent” with amazing tweets! Today, he shared a photo with the author of the dark action series, Veronica Roth.

Keiynan tweets, – so here’s to the one who started it all!

“Insurgent” hits theaters on March 20th!

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Keiynan Lonsdale.

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Jennifer Hudson Shares Photos from Tyler Perry’s Son, Aman, Christening

I enjoyed the most beautiful Sunday with all these lovely people ! We had church, alright!

A photo posted by Jennifer Hudson (@iamjhud) on

Yesterday, media superstar Tyler Perry held a star-studded christening for his son, Aman Bekele – Perry. Jennifer Hudson was in attendance and shared her series of photos from the event. Oprah, Gayle and the new dad posed for snapshots with the Grammy and Oscar award winner.

Tyler Perry had this to say about the service via social media, “These pictures are from our son’s christening yesterday. Christening him in the gospel.
I had this church built in my backyard. It’s almost a direct replica of the one my Mother grew up in. It was in her honor. I know she was with us in spirit. Thank you to all our family and friends for joining us.”




Click Here to view all the photos from his online album.

All rights to the images and quotes belong to the respective stars. 

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