Lecrae Tops Billboard Charts + Sells 88,000 Copies of “Anomaly”

Credit: Reach Records

Credit: Reach Records

“Anomaly” is sizzling!

Lecrae’s latest album “Anomaly” hit it big within its first week. The Christian rapper’s new project sold 88,000 copies and topped the Billboard 200 and Gospel Albums chart.

The 34 year-old’s inspiration rap lyrics are record breaking! Billboard.com stated that his new release surpassed his “Gravity” album sales start of just 72,000 copies. It charted at #3. In addition to being the first to land at#1 on both charts, “Anomaly” is the 5th to lead Christian Albums and the Billboard 200.

Click Here to read Billboard’s official article about him.

Listen to his title track “Anomaly” below:

Congratulations Lecrae!

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Should We Accept Kim Hyun Joong’s Apology?

Credit: KeyEast

Credit: KeyEast

Actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong recently sent out a formal written apology to his ex-girlfriend regarding the domestic violence case against him. He admitted to inflicting physical and psychological pain on the person he loved for two years. Hyun Joong pleaded for her forgiveness in the statement on his official website.

My question is… should we (his fans) forgive him?

The answer is not a simple one. Personally, I do not tolerate domestic violence of any kind. Men who hit women should not be praised. In turn, no one should be inflicting pain on one another period… Men or women! In Kim Hyun Joong’s case, we never saw the woman who accused him of abusing her physically, nor do we know her character. Fans only saw images of bruises and word of mouth claims she made to the police.

It’s impossible to take sides in a case which is so cloudy to begin with. Nonetheless, Kim Hyun Joong took responsibly in whatever role he played in the ordeal and formally apologized.

So in Hyun Joong’s case, I say forgive him. In Christianity, you are suppose to forgive others regardless of the reason. Love him or not, unforgiveness is not going to solve anything. It will only make us all feel worse.

For his sake and our own, let us forgive Kim Hyun Joong and move on.

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Scott Eastwood is a Snow Cowboy for Indie Film

Scott Instagrams: “Filming a cool indie movie in Canada for the next few weeks. #snowinginsept #canadaA #diablo #eastwoodlivin”


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Movie Review: “Coffee Shop”

Credit: UPtv

Credit: UPtv

UPtv’s autumn movie titled “Coffee Shop” resembles a marriage between Hallmark Channel and any made for TV Christmas movie… without the tree. The sugary classic love story stars Laura Vandervoort as Donavan, a young coffee shop owner in a small town. She meets Broadway scriptwriter Ben (Cory M. Grant) and the pair fall in love with a few bumps along the way.

Credit: UPtv

Credit: UPtv

BTSCelebs’ September 2014 interview guest Rachel Hendrix plays Donavan’s desert loving sister Becky who is determined to help her sis find love. Kevin Sorbo’s part is very small in the movie, but his grand presence is made known by his connection with Ben.

“Coffee Shop” is not filled with twists and turns. There is nothing shocking or overly heartbreaking about it. It’s just like the titled suggests. This movie is a warm cup of coffee with a generous helping of sugar.

“Coffee Shop” debuts on the UPtv network this Sunday.

*A Special Thanks to Jennifer Willingham at Icon Media Group for a screener of the film.*

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Movie Review: “The Perfect Wave”

Credit: Divine Inspiration

Credit: Divine Inspiration

Ride the wave to God.

The feeling you experience watching the “The Perfect Wave” is indescribable. In the movie, Scott Eastwood portrays Ian McCormack, a real life surfer. His journey across the world in search of the perfect parties, hook-ups and incredible waves is cut short by his death.  Annabel (played by Rachel Hendrix) is flirty and free-spirited. She doesn’t follow the strict rules of life, and she is in a continuous search for something more. Annabel indirectly leads Ian to his untimely passing by mysteriously disappearing after a lovers’ quarrel.

Credit: Divine Inspiration

Credit: Divine Inspiration

Scott’s portrayal of Ian’s journey from death to life was riveting. The only force in the world that had the power to bring him back to life was God.

Cheryl Ladd’s character has to be the best spiritual mom I have ever seen in any inspirational movie to date. Her moving prayer scene compounded with Ian’s dying scene is a MUST SEE.

“The Perfect Wave” is not a movie for Christians, it is for anyone who is searching for direction in this world. If you are confused and anticipating the next big thrill in life, you need to experience this film.

Credit: Divine Inspiration

Credit: Divine Inspiration

BTSCelebs sends a special thank you to Lori from FrontGate Media and Anchor Bay Entertainment for the DVD to review.*

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Love is in the Air for foreverJONES member Dewitt

Credit: @D4everJones

Credit: @D4everJones

Christians in love!

It has been a long time since we heard from powerhouse CCM family foreverJONES. For the past month, they have challenged their fans on social media to become stronger in their prayer life. Today, son Dewitt Jones IV shared the love that has entered his life via Twitter.

Dewitt tweeted the image above and message below about his treasured lady:

“My girlfriend Is so amazing! I’m so thankful for you!!:)”

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Dewitt Jones IV. 

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[Interview] Rachel Hendrix: I Am Excited to Take Any Movie Opportunities… Mainstream, Faith-based, Family-friendly, Indie

Credit: Divine Inspiration

Credit: Divine Inspiration

BTSCelebs: The movie revolves around surfing, are you athletic in real life?

Rachel Hendrix: Yes, I was actually so stoked to get a chance to surf in South Africa. Our bodies are incredible powerhouses, and I think it’s so important to take care of them. I’d never surfed before. So, they hired an instructor and I caught on quickly. Surfing is another world of athletics and I fell in love with it. I’m definitely into sports and fitness and pushing my body to the limits, physically and emotionally, so I have major respect for athletes.

Did you ever desire to start your acting career in mainstream Hollywood rather than inspirational?

I am excited to take any opportunities that come my way in this industry, mainstream, faith-based, family-friendly, indie, you name it. My hope is always to tell powerful and important stories to whichever audience wants to engage.

You’re a married lady. Tell us how you and your Swiss hubby Gabriel Trüb met? How did he propose?

Credit: rachelhendrix.net

Credit: rachelhendrix.net

Yes, being married to Gabriel has changed my whole world. He’s wonderful, and we support each other fully. He asked me to marry him in a song by a waterfall dear to my heart in Alabama.

Will you and your musician hubby collaborate on a movie together in the near future?

I think you’d have to ask him that. I wouldn’t put the idea past us, but right now we’re just focusing on the present craziness. I would eventually love to collaborate with him.

*A Special Thanks to Rachel Hendrix and Lori Lenz- Heiselman at FrontGate Media for the interview.*

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