Bears’ Reporter Lyndsay Petruny Shares Thanksgiving Meal at Halas Hall


Turkey with the Bears! 

The Chicago Bears celebrated Thanksgiving a day earlier at their headquarters. Today, their reporter and TV series host Lyndsay Petruny shared the nutritious plate she enjoyed with the team via Twitter. Turkey, gravy and all the trimmings can be seen in her clear photo.

Lyndsay: “Thankful for Thanksgiving at Bears headquarters, complete with hot chocolate bar. Hope everyone has a great holiday!🍂”

Happy Thanksgiving!

All rights to the images and quote belongs to Lyndsay Petruny.

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Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Opens Twitter Account


Tweet with Tina!

The second half of the Grammy award winning Gospel duo Mary Mary has just started her own Twitter account. Her hubby Teddy Campbell just spilled the beans about Tina’s new account via social media today.

Follow her today… I know I am!


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Kevin Woo Celebrates Birthday


Kevin Woo turns 23 today!

The lovable U-KISS member celebrated another birthday with his fans (aka KISSmes). To thank them for their gifts and well wishes, he tweeted a photo of himself next to the pile of presents overflowing with love.

Kevin: “I don’t deserve all this but I’m always so grateful to have KISSmes in my life! Thank you for the bday wishes today~”


Happy Birthday!

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Kevin Woo. 

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[Interview] 8 Questions with David Dunn


Singer David Dunn was quite the character in my latest interview him. The new BEC Recording artist was quick witted and clever with his responses.  During our brief email chat, he opens your eyes to comedy and never taking yourself too seriously.

Enjoy BTSCelebs’ insightful and lighthearted interview with David Dunn below:

BTSCelebs: What is the true meaning behind your “Ready to Be Myself” music video?

David Dunn: “Ready to be Myself” video is a symbolic take referring to what the song is talking about. Breaking free of a cage and living life outside of the bars you create for yourself. In the video, the symbolic reference is made from the use of a mental institution. In actuality, the “cage” I created for myself is wrought by the desperate need for human approval. In the video, the freeing moment out of the institution into real life/nature at the end, is symbolic for the decision I made to no longer be controlled by the need for human approval, but instead to worry about the approval of only One.

Tell us about one heartbreaking moment in your life that inspired one of your songs.

“Nothing Left” was inspired by a story of a friend of mines divorce. How in selflessly loving, she made herself vulnerable to being crushed by her husband…and in the end, was crushed. To choose to Love someone no matter what is a scary, dangerous thing. Jesus calls us to love without qualification, with all of our gusto… and even though you, the one who loves, are opening yourself up to possible disaster, loving others is THE THING that is most worth while…SO LOVE ON

You’re from Texas. Do you dream of performing at The Potter’s House or Lakewood Church? Have you ever met T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen?

This question made me laugh. To be honest, its only in the last few years that ive even heard of those two churches. Texas is a big state.

You volunteered in Africa in the past, do you have any plans to start humanitarian work for underprivileged children in your home state? If so. tell us how you would aid them?

I have actually never had an idea for helping underprivileged children in TX on any kind of broad scope. I went to Africa to try and help end the poverty cycle. To address the root issue for people in hopeless situations. Even though I’m SURE it exists, at this point I have had next to no personal experiences with North American hopelessness.

In addition to founding BTSCelebs, I have authored three books, do you have any plans to write a book in the near future?

This question also made me laugh!  In high school my English teacher usually scoffed at the papers I turned in…and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read more then a few sentences that I have penned….but never say never!

Who are some of your favorite authors?

I’m a giant fantasy fiction nerd so….this is going to be embarrassing but…

Patrick Rothfuss
Brandon Sanderson
JK Rowling
Christopher Paolini
CS lewis
George RR martin
Michael Lewis
Orson scott card


*A Special Thanks to Merge PR and David Dunn for the interview*

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Sarah Jakes and Toure Roberts Are Married


Sarah Jakes: “My first Sunday as First Lady with my husband@toureroberts and @onechurchla family! You still have time to log in at or come celebrate with us.”


All rights to the images and quotes belongs to the Roberts family.

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Enrique Iglesias Gets Interviewed by Megan Nicole

Cricket has got her back!

The cell phone and internet company recently gave Megan Nicole the opportunity to interview beloved Latin singer Enrique Iglesias at his concert in Atlanta. During the interview, the two celebs chatted about his pre-concert rituals, the soundtracks of his life, and how he had to take the train to the show because his plane broke down.

Megan put the following caption under the video she uploaded:

“I had the opportunity to sit down recently with Enrique Iglesias and ask him some questions about being on the road and his go to dance moves. I have to say he was a very nice and down to earth guy and I enjoyed chatting with him! And of course, he and Pitbull put on an amazing show…thanks for watching :)”


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BTSCelebs to Review: Arleen Spenceley’s “Chastity is for Lovers”

chastityisfor lovers_10282014

BTSCelebs is excited to review the first book from new author Arleen Spenceley!

Following our in-depth interview last month, I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on her debut project “Chastity is for Lovers”. The glossy paperback arrived in the mail on Saturday. Currently,  I’m on chapter 2, which is all about how virginity is perceived in society.

Keep your eye on BTSCelebs for a complete review in the near future.

*A Special Thanks to Ave Maria Press for a physical copy of the book*

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