Make It Pop’s XO-IQ Releases “All The Love” Single


The excruciating wait is finally over!

On December 5, “Make It Pop” airs its special holiday episode. In honor of the deck the halls program, Nickelodeon released a brand new XO-IQ track titled “All The Love”.

Check out the cheerful song below:

Season two is definitely on its way!

All rights to the video belongs to Nickelodeon. 

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[BTSCelebs Opinion] Got 7 Debuts Fantasy “Confession Song”


JYP shared on instagram, “Made this #confessionsong hoping your confessions will succeed this December :)”

JYP Entertainment released its fantasy love confession video today.

Besides the fact that Christmas should only be reserved for the reverence of Christ’s birth, this MV is completely unrealistic. It would be impossible for the girls in the music video to choose real guys after Got 7 serenaded them. Red-blooded teenage girls would choose a popular singer over a guy in their class any day of the week! Even I would be swayed by Junior.

This confession video is cute, but I kinda feel sorry for the school boys. Check out the newest video by Got 7 and see for yourself –

All rights to the image, quote and video belongs to JYP.


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Book Review: Sarah Jakes’ “Dear Mary”


BTSCelebs has mixed emotions about Sarah Jakes third release “Dear Mary”. I loved her complete focus on God for Moms’ source of strength. She explains in the book that it will all work out for their good, and that they should focus entirely on Him and do the best they can. The struggles each Mom (or potential Mom) faces differs greatly by their circumstances in life. They shouldn’t compare themselves.

On the other hand, Jakes empathizing with underprivileged families is a little hard to believe because her earthly father,T.D. Jakes, is so wealthy. She may very well have struggled for a time, but many mothers in the world never have assistance of any kind… including nannies.

Overall, the book was an interesting read that makes good points about trusting God, overcoming bad relationships with Moms, having a positive outlook about pregnancy and more. It’s a good go-to book for Mothers and expectant Moms.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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Scooter Braun Cherishes Quality Family Time and Remembers the Good Ole Days of Childhood

This is all I want right about now

A photo posted by Scooter Braun (@scooterbraun) on

Scooter Braun works hard and plays hard.

Today, the successful talent manager couldn’t stop gushing about his loving young family and childhood. He may be celebrating Justin Bieber’s newest release, but that didn’t stop him from putting the other important people on a pedestal too. He even allowed a recent trip to Chicago to flood him with warm childhood memories.

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Book Review: Tracie Peterson’s “Love Everlasting”


Abrianna’s story has finally been told!

The strong willed redhead from the Madison Bridal School has the toughest fight of her life in the third book from the Brides Of Seattle series. In this book, Abrianna is literally thrust back into a courtship with Priam Welby following the blissful time with her best friend Wade. Her choices in this tale threaten the lives of all her loved ones, and only God can help her get her life back on track.

This is the best book in the Brides Of Seattle series. It is full of clean romance, emotion and some heart pounding action. This is just another great novel from the award-winning inspirational author Tracie Peterson.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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“Make It Pop’s” Megan Lee Is Going to the Halo Awards


Megan Lee plans to be there for teens who are Helping And Leading Others. She tweeted earlier today that she will be attending this year’s awards ceremony.

“Super eggcited for 2015 #HALOawards in New York this weekend! 💗😎💜😘💙 #SunHiNation #MEGatrons #MakeItPop #Nickelodeon”

According to her social media accounts, the former K-Pop star has been diligently filming season 2 of “Make It Pop”. So, this will be a brief break from her current schedule.

Have fun, Megan Lee!

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Megan Lee.

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Natalie Grant’s Daughters Get Baptized + Spencer Lloyd Meets Kamari Copeland‏

Natalie Grant_BernieHerms_daughters

Natalie Grant shared on Facebook: “I knew today would be an amazing day, but I had no idea it would be a day I would never forget. I was excited to sing my new song ‘Clean’, for baptisms at my home church Crosspoint in Nashville. I love baptism Sunday. I cry every single time. But what I didn’t know is that my twin daughters Gracie & Bella would unexpectedly decide to get baptized today. They made a decision to follow Jesus a while ago, but haven’t had the courage to be baptized. I never wanted to pressure them and wanted it to be decision they came to on their own. And they came to it together. THIS MORNING. And the icing on the cake? My husband got to baptize them. A moment in their journey with Christ and I will never forget it!!! #iamclean”


Spencer Lloyd tweets, “Great meeting @Kamaricopeland tonight. All musicians need a good friend to enjoy the road with and keep you sane”

All rights to he images and quotes belong to Natalie Grant and Spencer Lloyd.


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