Sarah Jakes Roberts ‏Shares Photos with dad, T.D. Jakes, and “Women of Faith”

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Nickelodeon’s “Make It Pop” Needs to Cast Booboo Stewart


Nick’s “Make It Pop” quickly became one of my favorite TV shows this year, and I can’t wait until season 2 premieres!  I remember reading online that many viewers were anxious for a handsome Asian guy to be paired up with one of the leading ladies in season 1. My first choice would have been SHINee…. because I’ve been a big fan of theirs for quite while. Realistically on the Hollywood acting front, I really believe cutie pie Booboo Stewart would be a fabulous guest star on the show.

I loved him in “Like A Country Show” (even though he deserved much more screen time) and he reminds me slightly of Jason Scott Lee in one of my all time favorite films “The Jungle Book”. The “Descendants” actor has that great mixed blood line that can play a variety of roles, and I really want to see him take the stage with XO-IQ.

Nickelodeon and Disney need to join forces and make it happen!

All rights to the image belongs to Disney.

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Taylor Swift promises BTS goodies to celebrate “Bad Blood” success


“Bad Blood” has a whole new meaning!

Taylor Swift’s latest hit single “Bad Blood” has been trending for almost two months on Pop Radio, and Taylor has decided to give back to the fans. Yesterday, she tweeted all about the BTS gifts that are already coming their way.

Swifties are feeling the love in the form of behind the scenes video clips of her viral music video for the track.

Check out her tweet below:

Click Here to see her first BTS video.

*All rights to the message, video and screencap belongs to Taylor Swift and Big Machine Records/Universal Music Group.*

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Dancers James Floyd and Girlfriend, Alexandra Malleval, Open Website Dedicated to Artistic Passion


Welcome this wonderful couple to the world of writing! 

BTSCelebs’ handsome May 2015 interview guest, James Floyd, and his lovely GF Ellie (real name Alexandra) are  expressing themselves through heartfelt poems on their new website, The Initial Passage. Recently, James exclusively told BTSCelebs about their new site dedicated to “create[ing] a successful blog spot, photographic expressive images, and Poetic writing. ….also designed for other aspiring dancers, friends, family, and supporters to become inspired as well from the art they create.”

James has roots in Jacksonville, FL., while Alexandra is from Paris, France. The pair met at a ballet conservatory, and their friendship grew into love. “The Initial Passage project now connects their struggle to conquer a long distance relationship; while fighting for the dreams they both want to fulfill.”

Be inspired by their love and artistic presence online by Clicking Here to visit their official website.

All rights to the image belongs to James and Alexander. 


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Booboo Stewart Shows His Excitement for Disney’s Descendants Premiere


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BTSCelebs is Reviewing Traci Peterson’s “Refining Fire”


It’s Peterson reading time!

The first Traci Peterson series I thoroughly enjoyed was her “Brides of Gallatin County” back in 2009. Since then, I have read a a couple of books from her “Land of Shining Water’ group, but the “Brides of Seattle” series recently caught my attention …. so I’m reviewing book #2.

I’m almost on chapter 3 in Madison Bridal School student Militine’s story “Refining Fire”.  I really wish it was Abrianna’s tale, because her story is so fascinating, however, Militine and Thane’s relationship has to be told too.

I’m off on another book adventure! Stay tuned for the complete review in the coming weeks.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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Book Review: Dee Henderson’s “Taken”


When I first opened up Dee Henderson’s latest release, I was surprised by how slow moving it was. It seemed like the main characters (Matthew Dane and Shannon Bliss) would never leave the hotel in Atlanta where they met. However, as the story progressed and they headed to Illinois, everything started to flow much better.

The entire inspirational tale is about 27 year-old Shannon recruiting 41 year-old retired cop Matthew to help her transition into society after escaping 11 years of torture with her kidnappers. Matt turns out to be not only a good cop and friend, but promising boyfriend material in the eyes of Shannon. Their love story is subtle, and they mostly focus on the issue of tracking down the bad guys, recovering valuables and reuniting her with her governor-to-be brother and parents.

Once you give it chance, “Taken” is a nice ride to a happy ending. It is filled with delicious food that will make you extremely hungry with each chapter. It’s a good clean mystery story that is safe for the whole family to enjoy. I highly recommend reading the book during or after meantime because it will make you hungry.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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