[Interview] 7 Questions with Beloved Actress Lindsay Wagner

Lindsay Wagner

Ms. Lindsay Wagner needs no introduction. She captivated audiences as the Bionic Woman in the 1970s and has continued to charm viewers through numerous films on the small and silver screen.

Recently, the star virtually sat down with BTSCelebs to answer a few question about her heartwarming new film “Love Finds You In Valentine”.

Read the fabulous questions BTSCelebs asked and her interesting answers below:

BTSCelebs: What attracted you to this movie?

Lindsay Wagner: It’s a lovely movie about family and how deep our roots are embedded in us when we don’t even realize it.

Are you a fan of author Irene B Brand or the novel the film is based on?

To be honest, I was unfamiliar with her work and the series of “love finds you…” books prior to receiving the script. It’s a lovely idea to have love finding you all over the country.

You play June Sterling in “Love Finds You In Valentine”, are you anything like your character?

Yes, I think so. Not because I’ve lived the life she lived, but my grandparents were farmers from Kansas, Montana and Colorado. When visiting those places and especially the family farm, I felt a very special reverberation that I had never felt before. It was very moving. And I find it interesting that though I was born and raised in Los Angeles, during my whole adult life I’ve always kept a second home of some kind out in the countryside. It’s been part of what I have always used to keep myself grounded.

Were you a big fan of horses and ranches before this project?

Yes, we had horses for many years when my when my sons were young.

Tell us about your experience starring in a film with legendary actor Ed Asner and your on-screen son Diogo Morgado.

Well…aside from being a brilliant actor, Ed Asner is quite a scamper. He’s also a very passionate and intelligent man. Diogo has a wonderful career ahead of him. He’s a wonderful and gracious actor. And he couldn’t be any more handsome, if that’s OK for a mother to say. LOL

What projects can we look forward to seeing you in this year?

I was in a lovely film titled “a change of heart” that was made by the Pixel network.

“Love Finds You In Valentine” premieres on UP tv on this Sunday at 7pm EST.

*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to UP tv and Lindsay Wagner for the interview and photos.*

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[Interview] Diogo Morgado: “It Was Beautiful To See This Beautiful Woman [Lindsay Wagner] Becoming My Mother In “Love Finds You In Valentine”


BTSCelebs: You play ranch foreman Derek Sterling in your new movie. Is your personality anything like your character in the film?

Diogo Morgado: Yes, I think so. As a character we always start from a point of knowing.  What I mean is… we always start from a point from ourselves. From there, we start putting layers and different stuff based on information and stuff we want to achieve with the character or what we want to inspire. There were different elements that I was inspired by. I was beginning to connect with the audience. That path for the role. That troubled past or some sort of trauma, or a deep experience that somehow shaped the way they are as a person right now. I try to find inspiration in those kind of people I named in the past. For instance, the people that get out of jail and trying to enter society. They get it rough. It’s a rough time when you truly regret what you did in the past. You hope that wouldn’t define you as a person. You struggle with it. It’s hard. You get defensive and protective. Normally, you get strength in working really hard. So, I think Derek is a really hard worker. He found the Circle Cross to be his salvation. You hold on to that with everything you got. That’s why he’s defensive when Kennedy comes along. He tries to defend a piece of land that’s not his piece of land, but it’s his piece of land from the heart. It’s part of who he is. I try to get inspiration from that, of course. We always use part of who we are, but just as a start. We build on top of that.

So, answering your question. No, there are certain things that might be similar to me and Derek. Not in the structure actually. I was luckier in my childhood than Derek was.

Tell us about one surreal moment behind-the-scenes working with screen icon Lindsay Wagner.

It was great. She was a generous actor. I don’t know if you know this but I’ve been working as an actor in Europe not in the US. So, there are alot of things about the American culture that I’m not familiar with the same way you guys are. I remember her from “Bionic Woman”, but that was pretty much it. The good thing was that, I didn’t have any preconceptions about anyone. When you meet a person, you see the true person. It was beautiful to see this beautiful woman becoming my mother in the movie. She was pretty generous about it. We try to bring the love between a mother and her son. June adopted Derek. We tried to make that love as real or even deeper than a blood relationship. That was really important for us. We were on the same page with that. Hopefully, that came across.

If you had the opportunity to star in a film with any popular Hollywood stars, who would they be?

That’s only Tom Hanks. He’s my hero. He’s the one that name when I think about acting. Being an actor, what type of story I would like to tell I always say Tom Hank’s is the perfect example.  He did it all. He did it all really well. The day I would be in a movie with Tom Hanks  would be like the day I would be putting my gloves down. That’s it. I’m done. ….I’m not a fan of the star. I’m a fan of the actor, artist, the person as a talent.

What projects can we look forward to seeing you in 2016?

I just finished “CSI: Cyber “as a guest star. It happened this week. I really hope that this year I’ll be coming out with something as good as what I did so far. Pretty excited.

Don’t forget to watch Mr. Morgado portray ranch foreman Derek Sterling in the upcoming film “Love Finds You In Valentine” on UP tv on Valentine’s Day at 7pm EST.

*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to UP tv and Diogo Morgado for the interview and photos.*

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UP’s “Ties That Bind” Gets Cancelled + Will Nick Renew “Make It Pop” for Season 3?


Early last month, UP tv made the difficult decision not to renew their riveting new crime series “Ties That Bind” for a second season. The unfortunate news was quickly announced via their official Twitter on the 8th.

“UP has decided not to renew #TiesThatBind. Thank you to our viewers for your commitment to the series & the cast/crew for your dedication.”

While UP fans mourn the loss of one show, the younger audience is awaiting news about another family friendly program. Megan Lee’s addictive musical series “Make It Pop” is up for a third season on Nickelodeon fans are anxiously waiting for the big news any day now. The fun-filled second season ended on Friday with the girls starting their summer early with XO-IQ activities.


Don’t forget to relive BTSCelebs’ interviews with stars Rhys Matthew Bond and Megan Lee to soften the bad and uncertain news about their TV shows.

All the best to “Make It Pop”! Hopefully, another channel will pick up “Ties That Bind” in the future.

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Diogo Morgado Talks to BTSCelebs – Part 1


Today, BTSCelebs was given the opportunity to speak to the talented and gracious Diogo Morgado. The kind actor took time out of his busy day to personally answer a few questions via phone about his upcoming film “Love Finds You In Valentine”.

Discover what he thought about the film and more BTS information about his inspiring new movie. Check out part 1 of the wonderful exclusive below:

BTSCelebs: Why did you choose to join the cast of “Love Finds You In Valentine”?

Diogo Morgado: I chose the story. I was looking for something a little more sincere in terms of structure from the last things I did originally. This came along, it was perfect. For me, it was like the perfect story. It’s an inspirational story. It’s an uplifting story. It’s a story about family. It’s a story about love. It’s about recovery. My character especially is troubled. He has a troubled childhood…he was a troubled kid as he was growing up. He finds the Circle Cross. This ranch basically became his salvation.  Now, he is a better person, and a better man because of that.  All of those elements persuaded me to get this project.

Are you a fan of the author or original novel “Love Finds You in Valentine, Nebraska”?

To be brutally honest with you, I didn’t even know about the novels. I did see both of the previous movies, and I totally understand the concept. Alot of the writing…the writers I know left out a couple of things.  I read part of the book “Love Finds You in Valentine” just to get inspiration from. We got some parts of the book that was not included in the script, and we brought it to the script. We tried to be truthful to the research of the book as much as we could. At the same, our take from the book and from the story. That was it. That was our guideline. From there, we built our own truths, characters and our take from the story.

Did you have the opportunity to meet the author?

No, she didn’t unfortunately. I would love to meet her, but that wasn’t the case.

What did you think about the movie’s breathtaking filming location?

I think the location served the movie in terms of the story. To be honest with you, I think in this type of movie the location is just another character. It plays out as a crucial part of the storytelling. So, I would say the same actors and directors in a different location would be a totally different movie. The location serves. If it’s the movie telling you a story about how a place changed a person… it has to do that. You have to believe that this place is so authentic and so powerful that it can change people. The whole story, the place and location was crucial. So to find this in Ohio,  it looks really beautiful. A lot of the footage you see is not honest enough to how beautiful it was. It was pretty daunting with all the wild horses running freely. You feel the nature in its purest and beautiful form. It serves the movie in a really beautiful way. Me and Michaela [McManus] felt inspired by the location. I took a bunch of pictures, posted a bunch of pictures and a mini-video of when I visited an Amish farm.  All of that and a humble way of living really served the movie.

Stay tuned for part 2 of BTSCelebs’ exciting interview with Mr. Morgado!

UP tv’s “Love Finds You In Valentine” premieres on February 14th at 7 p.m EST.

*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to UP tv and Diogo Morgado for the interview and photos.*

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Sushmita Sen Shares Double Selfie Before Flight to Dubai

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BTSCelebs Will Interview Actor Diogo Morgado


The star of  the upcoming filmLove Finds You In Valentine will make time next week to chat with BTSCelebs!

Actor Diogo Morgado (from “The Bible” and “Son of God” fame) stars as ranch foreman Derek Sterling in the new UP tv movie based on author Irene B Brand’s novel. BTSCelebs will ask him all about his new movie and any behind-the-scenes goodies.

Look out for his exclusive tailor made for BTSCelebers very soon!

“Love Finds You In Valentine” premieres Sunday, February 14 at 7 p.m on UP tv.


*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to UP tv for the photos.*

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Sarah Jakes and Hubby, Toure Roberts, Take Elegant Photo


Sarah Jakes Roberts may be nine months pregnant, but the mom-to-be is dressing to the 9s before giving birth.

Yesterday, the Colliding With Destiny author shared the fancy photo of she and her hubby Toure styling in modern royal attire in front of a exquisite marble wall.

Mrs. Roberts shared this message with her upscale image:

“When you’re 9 months pregnant, but babe still makes you feel like the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Thank you for being such an incredible pregnancy partner and husband. I love you baby Touré Roberts ❤😘 #mlklegacyawards”

An early BTSCelebs congrats to the couple!

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Sarah Jakes Roberts.

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