Mandisa Debuts Gorgeous New Hairdo

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[Update] “Conrad” Series Promises Diversity And Star-Studded Cast

In 2017, actress and writer Jennifer Karum (aka Jennifer A. Goodman) graced us with her dynamic presence and spilled all the exciting details about a new series. That show has gained so much momentum since then, and she recently gave BTSCelebs an inspiring update.

According to her press release, “Conrad” has over 10,500 followers on social media. Legendary stars like Eric Roberts and Harry Lennix have joined the cast. Forbes featured Jennifer and fellow co-creator Ryan Atkins in a special article about reaching out to TV networks, connecting with fans during the pandemic and describing the message behind their unique crime show. The production team held a extravagant premiere party pre-pandemic that included celebrity guests and giveaways.

In this “sophisticated, high-octane drama tv series”, everyone is equal. No one is put in a box or defined by category. Lead actress and co-creator Jennifer appears to be breaking barriers by bringing Autism awareness in the film industry. “Conrad” is already designed to tell a compelling story for three seasons, while maintaining their passion for studio acquisition and co-production.

Check out the trailer below to see for yourself:

Read the complete show synopsis, meet the cast and crew and stay up-to-date on all things “Conrad” by visiting its official website, and following on social media @conradseries on Instagram, @conradseries on Facebook and @CONRADseries Twitter.

*A Special Thanks to Jennifer and Lakefront Pictures, LLC and/or Conrad Series, LLC for the information, video and photos.

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Taemin Is Completely Bewitched In “Criminal” Video

Screencap from music video. All rights belong to SM Entertainment

Meet Taemin’s alter-ego!

The friendly and upbeat international singer reintroduced music lovers to his fictional bad boy image through “Criminal”. In his latest music video, it seems Taemin is continuing the storyline from SHINee‘s “Lucifer” and his own solo singles “Danger” and “Press Your Number”.

If you want to go for the ride of your life on the dark side, check out “Criminal”!

This single is apart of his 3rd studio album “Never Gonna Dance Again”. He and his SuperM members plan to release their 1st album “Super One” on September 25th.

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[Review] Kathryn Cushman And Lauren Beccue’s The Plans We Made

Did you love “I Can Only Imagine” and “Grace Unplugged’? If so, I guarantee you will love “The Plans We Made”. The best elements from both movies is combined to bring us an all new tale. 

Last month, authors Kathryn Cushman And Lauren Beccue released the touching novel, and it has a story everyone can relate to. The core of the story is family… plain and simple. In “The Plans We Made”, Caroline Chapman and Linda Riley live drastically different lives on separate American coasts. Surprisingly, a career change put both women on the same coast where they cross paths in the most unlikely way. Linda is desperate for someone to save her ailing son, and Caroline holds the key to his road to recovery. Along the way, we learn just how much family means to both of these ladies. Linda is a doting wife and mother, while Caroline is an only child. Through Caroline’s world, we are also introduced to Chris Stratton and his broken yet loving family that deserves their own standalone book. Readers should expect a number of shocking surprises that absolutely make the book journey worthwhile.

This memorable novel will make you laugh, cry and swoon as the chapters fly by. You do not want to miss this 2020 classic in the making. BTSCelebs gives it two thumbs up and 10 points out of a 10.

Click Here to learn more about “The Plans We Made” on Kathryn Cushman’s official website.

*Special thanks to Kathryn Cushman for the complimentary copy of the book and the image.*

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“Everyday Miracles” Makes Its Official Release

Cinedigm is making faith film fans happy this week with the On Demand, DVD, and Digital Formats release of Marty Madden’s movie “Everyday Miracles”. Madden wrote and directed the inspiring production starring Gary Cole, Erik Smith and Zoe Perry.

What is the film all about? Biscuit Media Group had this to say about it in a press release: “‘Everyday Miracles’ centers around a faith healer, Cotton (Smith), who is trying to run from his troubled past. After being taken in by a horse rancher (Cole) and his family, Cotton’s new life is soon tested when his overbearing mother (Lusia Strus) tracks him down and tries to pull him back into the life he had escaped. Cotton is desperate to avoid his past life which could jeopardize a possible future with his love interest, Young Sheldon’s Zoe Perry. When a painful revelation comes to light, he must lean on his new family and learn to trust again. Through his journey, Cotton learns the value of compassion and family through hard work and selflessness.”

The film has already been praised by well-known sites like and Movie Guide.

Learn even more about “Everyday Miracles” and other Cinedigm titles by visiting their official website,

A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group for the press release. 

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[Opinion] Fangirling Over SuperM’s Lucas

Honesty time!

I’m a longtime fan of SHINee. So it made sense that I follow Taemin’s solo career religiously, while the rest of the guys are in the military. However, when Taemin joined SuperM joined last year…  I wasn’t really into it. Despite my initial reaction, I supported the group from afar.

Fast forward to late August, SuperM released “100”, while gearing up for their “Tiger Inside” premiere. I take a look at the group once again and notice the pretty face of Lucas Wong. I quickly discover this talented young man debuted in NCT in 2018 and continued his musical activities overseas in the unit group WayV. From the star’s recent debut and variety show appearances, he has already earned over 5 million followers on Instagram alone. So impressive! In honor of my new crush on Lucas, I decided to dedicate this brief article to him.

Enjoy a few photos and a fancam of Mr. Wonderful today!

Credit: @lucas_xx444 on Instagram

All the best to Lucas and SuperM on their “Tiger Inside” release! 


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[Interview] Kathryn Cushman: I Hope Readers Leave Each Of My Books With Something To Think About… No Sermons Preached, Just A “Real Life” Experience

Lauren Beccue and Kathryn Cushman

Kathryn Cushman started her writing journey in 2003, and she has been blessing lives with a wonderful variety of fictional tales ever since. A Promise to Remember, Waiting for Daybreak and Leaving Yesterday are just some of her novels from the 2010s that readers have thoroughly enjoyed. This month, she released a new gem titled The Plans We Made with co-author Lauren Beccue. BTSCelebs was recently given the opportunity to virtually interview Kathryn and learn more about her and her latest heartwarming novel.

BTSCelebs: Who is Kathryn Cushman professionally?

Kathryn Cushman: I am someone who writes the kind of stories I want to read. While that mark continues to evolve, I always want a thought provoking story with characters that hang around for a while after you’ve finished reading.

Where do you gain the most inspiration for your impressive books?

Thank you for that adjective 🙂 The answer is–life. Watching people. Listening. My husband often says that the questions I ask show that I am ‘veering away from the facts, and looking for the story.’  He’s usually correct.

The Plans We Made seems to be a unique family story. Tell us about the birth of this particular novel.

My co-writer, Lauren Beccue, and I were friends, who occasionally met in coffee shops to write. We didn’t work on the same project, just sat quietly beside each other and tapped away on our laptops (she writes non-fiction as a rule). One day, she told me about an idea her husband had given her for a novel. It was a great idea! I was working on something else, but I told her she should definitely run with it. She began to toy with the idea of writing fiction. Several months later, she asked if I would be interested in co-writing it with her. I prayed about it, and was happy when the answer came back ‘yes’.

The characters in the story have drastically different lifestyles. Caroline Chapman is a career woman, while Linda Riley is a wife and mother. Which character do you identify with the most? What inspired the other character?

Linda is definitely more like me. Like Linda, I raised two children. Like Linda, one of my children got desperately sick as a teenager. Also, Linda is close to my age. Caroline was conceived and written by Lauren– who is quite a bit younger, and has a really fun and quirky voice. I liked the contrast of the two women.

What is one scene you wrote that didn’t make it in the final cut, but you secretly wish it did?

The original plan involved an epilogue that was CRAZY. I still love the idea, but it was out there. Everyone who’s ever read the book and found out what we wanted to do, has commented that we were wise to change it. (I can’t say what it was without giving away a big spoiler for the final book).

Tell us about an important time in your life where the plans you made didn’t go the way you wanted, but God worked it together for your good.

There have been a lot of them. I suppose one of the strongest was multiple years of infertility and miscarriages. It was excruciating. Still, I look back on that time as bittersweet, realizing some of the life lessons I could not have learned any other way than by going through those experiences.

From A Promise to Remember to Fading Starlight, which novel do you identify with the most? What do you want readers to take away from your writing?

Each of them has a little bit of me, but I’d say for right now, it’s Almost Amish, as I am currently in a period of intentionally keeping my life slower and simpler than it used to be. (Obviously, Covid has helped with that goal quite a bit!). And I hope readers leave each of my books with something to think about–no clear cut answers, no sermons preached, just a “real life” experience that makes them see things in a different way. I think a good illustration is the Titanic. We all knew it was a big boat, it sank, lots of people were killed. It was sad and awful. Then the movie happened, and suddenly it wasn’t just a sad story, it was real.

What can projects and/or activities readers anticipate from you next year?

I am currently working on an historical series set in tsarist Russia. It is my first time to explore historical writing, so it’s not moving as quickly as I’d like. Still, I’m hopeful for a Christmas novella in 2021, with a full book to follow in 2022.

Learn more about Kathryn Cushman by visiting her official website,

A Special Thanks to Kathryn Cushman for the interview and image.


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BTSCelebs To Review Kathryn Cushman And Lauren Beccue’s “The Plans We Made”

Are you ready to open your heart?

This month, gifted authors Kathryn Cushman and Lauren Beccue released the inspirational novel titled “The Plans We Made”. It tells the story of two women living polar opposite lifestyles who will form a bond due to unlikely circumstances.  A broken engagement and a devastating medical diagnosis change both of their lives forever, and readers join them on the journey.

Right now, I’m still in the early chapters of the book, but stay tuned in the coming weeks for a complete review of this emotional tale.

BTSCelebs sends a hearty congratulations to Kathryn Cushman on her grand return to writing, and a warm welcome to new author Lauren Beccue.

*Special thanks to Kathryn Cushman for the complimentary copy of the book and the image.*

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CHRIST IN YOU: THE VOICE Celebrates Amazon Release

The overflowing love from global fans helped bring CHRIST IN YOU: THE VOICE to one of the most popular streaming platforms. The dramatic documentary, which features interviews from Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Lisa Bevere, John Bevere, Graham Cooke, Bob Hazlett and Raniero Cantalamessa, hits Amazon on August 15th.

According to an official press release from Biscuit Media Group, this film is the first in a series. It “highlights modern heroes of faith that explore the reasons that people hold back from bringing hope, healing, and restoration to a broken world. Through stories of faith and restoration, on the street demonstrations, and practical strategies, this documentary can help everyday Christians step out in faith and use their God-given gifts to impact their communities.”

Di Meglio had this to say about the groundbreaking film, “We started creating the CHRIST IN YOU films to share the good news of how ordinary people are speaking out to share the Gospel in powerful ways. We hope these films will show that anyone, everyone, can move in the miraculous. By sharing how God is transforming people through his love, we hope to empower the body of Christ to step out in faith, listen to the voice of God, activate your prophetic gifts, and take action according to what He is saying to you.”

A special thanks to Biscuit Media Group for the image and info. 

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Coby James Releases “Whatever”

This weekend, singer Coby James dropped another chart-topping worthy single! “Whatever” talks about surrendering to God completely, and it has such a distinctive beat. The pop-infused song is simply unforgettable.

Enjoy the new track below:

Congratulations to Coby on the new release!


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