BTSCelebs To Review Patricia Raybon’s “Double the Lies”

This fall, BTSCelebs plans to review the second book in Patricia Raybon‘s Annalee Spain Mystery series titled “Double the Lies“. In the new mystery novel, Annalee gives a crying woman her handkerchief and somehow gets framed for murder. She is tasked with finding the real culprit … while dealing with the disappearance of her boyfriend and a budding new love with a young pilot.

I plan to start reading this very soon. Stay tuned for BTSCelebs’ complete review in the coming months!

Patricia Raybon’s “Double the Lies” is scheduled to be released on February 7th, 2023.

A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the advance reader copy of the book and cover image. 

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“FIRST RESPONDERS” Movie Coming To Theaters For A Limited Engagement

You can watch the powerful film “FIRST RESPONDERS” exclusively in theaters on October 24th and 25th, 2022. According to an official press release from Biscuit Media Group, Fathom Events is releasing it to promote healing for our nation’s bravest.

What is the life-changing movie about?

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UPDATED: Jamie Grace Answers Fans’ Burning Questions

This month, musician and Jill Of All Trades Jamie Grace answered some of the best fan questions she received via social media. The over 20 min YouTube video is filled with her entertaining and informing us on the important things in life (like her dream state to live in and planning for the future).

Learn more about Jamie in the present-day thru the following video:

Image Credit: @jamiegraceh

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Check Out “The Boundless Show” Podcast

The famed Focus On The Family program branched out and made a podcast dedicated to young adults’ relationships. I started listening to “The Boundless Show” when my favorite AccessMore shows went on hiatus, and I’m so glad I did. New “The Boundless Show” episodes are updated every Thursday, and they discuss a variety of relationship topics from a Christian’s perspective.

I highly recommend people of all ages to try out this podcast.

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[Guest Blogger] Finding A Way In The Desert

Jennifer L. Wright: I am a desert rat.

Although born and raised in Indiana, I have lived in the southwest for the past eleven years. From Nevada to Arizona to New Mexico, I’ve had a house in several different states but the scenery has remained the same: dry, brown, desolate.

And I love it.

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11 SHINee Solo Music Videos To Celebrate Key’s “Gasoline” Album

Image Credit: @bumkeyk on Instagram

Today, SHINee‘s Key released his 2nd album “Gasoline.” The gifted star has been promoting the project all month, and the dark yet artistic music video for his title track dropped this morning. In celebration of his music comeback, BTSCelebs wants to highlight some original music his band SHINee released as solo artists over the years.

Enjoy the sweet tunes of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin.

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[Guest Blogger] Addiction: Am I Supporting Or Enabling?

Cindy Woodsmall: Nurturers unite! 

We love our people. We love loving them. We live to support them in their endeavors. If they need our help, we’ll give until it hurts and then give even more. Nothing is more important than meeting the needs and asks of our loved ones.

But if they are an addict not in recovery, are we supporting or enabling? 

Let’s begin by giving some distinction between enabling and supporting. 

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Famous Singer Songwriter Is Supporting Arden Cho’s “Partner Track” on NetFlix

All the best to Arden Cho and the cast/crew of “Partner Track”!

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Riley Clemmons Teams Up With Alexander Pappas For New Song

Image Credit: @alexander.pappas on IG

Riley Clemmons recently recorded a single with fellow Capitol Christian labelmate Alexander Pappas, and the music video was shared on his official YouTube channel. The song “MILLION WAYS” is a classic CCM track with inspiring lyrics.

Alexander wrote this as a caption on Instagram for the image above, “My new single ‘MILLION WAYS’ (with Riley Clemmons) is out now everywhere!! 🕺🏻 I hope it reminds you of just how deeply loved and entirely covered by grace you are. Check it out anywhere you stream music. Thank you for listening!”

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[Interview] Jenn Bostic: “Creating And Performing Music Brings Me Joy. “

©Sara Kauss Photography 2022

Award-winning singer and songwriter Jenn Bostic has performed at sold out tours across the US and Europe and made appearances in Mexico, Iraq and Kuwait. Her soulful inspirational music enjoyed airplay on Sirius XMs The Pulse, BBC Radio 2 and many mainstream ACs. Jenn Bostic’s music has hit famous charts, and her highly anticipated album “You Find a Way” officially released last month.

BTSCelebs was given the opportunity to chat with this talented independent artist to learn more about her music beginnings, the production story of “You Find a Way,” the albums best songs and more.

Let’s meet Jenn Bostic now!

BTSCelebs: Who is Jenn Bostic professionally? 

Jenn Bostic: I am a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and touring artist, writing and performing songs that hopefully encourage and empower myself and others to believe they can overcome the obstacles in their lives. My faith in God is very important to me, and my most recent album is a Contemporary Christian/Gospel album called “You Find a Way.”

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Music has always been a part of my life. From the time I was a young child, my parents were always taking my brother and I to musicals and concerts, putting instruments in our hands, and providing entertainment through family sing-a-longs. At ten years old, my dad was killed in a car accident, and music, specifically songwriting, became the therapy that helped process that trauma. Sitting at the piano made me feel closer to my dad, I felt safe there and still do.  Creating and performing music brings me joy.

Which singer or songwriter would you love to collaborate with for a future single?

Bonnie Raitt is my all-time favorite singer, when she sings, I feel it in my soul. Susan Tedeschi, Sara Bareilles, Carrie Underwood, and Lauren Daigle all have that same incredible quality. Each of these artists seems to defy boundaries the music industry tries to set. I look up to each of them and to collaborate with any would be a dream come true.

In July, you released a new inspirational album titled “You Find a Way.” Tell us what was the easiest and most difficult thing during the album’s production.

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