Megan Nicole Debuts New Online Series

Credit: WeAdulted Instagram

On Wednesday, Megan Nicole premiered her first episode of the DIY inspired series “We Adulted”. In the first episode, she joined friends to redecorate a rental property (while on a budget).  The results were adorable!

The online celebrity promised that in future “Adulted” episodes she’ll teach viewers simple adult tasks like doing taxes, working out, hosting dinner parties, maintaining healthy relationships, etc. The show is free to watch on YouTube and seems like so much fun.

I’m all in and excited for the next episode!

Photo and Video Credit: Megan Nicole


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Theatre Review: “Across The Pond”

Victoria Jaiani_Rory Hohenstein_Photo by Cheryl Mann (Yonder Blue)

“Across The Pond” is real life.

The Joffrey Ballet premiered UK choreographers Andrew McNicol, Liam Scarlett and Andrea Walker’s exquisite works of art in the Auditorium Theatre on April 24th. “Yonder Blue” (McNicol), “Vespertine” (Scarlett) and “Home” (Walker) equally showed the struggles and love stories of people from all walks of life.

Victoria Jaiani paired up with dancers Rory Hohenstein and Alberto Velazquez for “Yonder Blue” and “Vespertine”. The sexy chemistry was undeniable when she danced with her partner in each piece. The entire ensemble in both performances accomplished their mission with seamless moves. All the dancers were perfectly synchronized. You could feel the emotional yearning between people and their need for the environment around them in Yonder Blue, while “Vespertine” mixed elegance of the classic Baroque era with the modern-day.

Fernando Duarte and ensemble_Photo by Cheryl Mann (Home)

Fernando Duarte and Fabrice Calmels introduced a passionate love in the immigrant inspired “Home”. The group of dancers around them seem to illustrate the cold and mundane world of conformity. The main couple stood out as a pillar among the citizens unaware of their existence. Fernando Duarte expertly portrayed an immigrant unable to fit in with native American citizens. Fabrice Calmels portrayed the doting boyfriend full of care and compassion for Fernando.

The pros and cons of “Across The Pond” are simple. The pros are the music, outfits and graceful dancing. The dancers deserve all the praise for their hard work and dedication. The choreographers need to be applauded for their work as well. The only con I can state is the intense romance on-stage. I still feel it would be best to shy away from passionate love scenes of any kind. “Across The Pond” felt like it was more appropriate for adults rather than children, and I would love for every single one of the performances to be enjoyed by all ages.

“Across The Pond” will run through May 5, 2019 at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, IL.

*A Special Thanks to The Silverman Group and The Joffrey Ballet for the press passes*

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Tia Mowry Celebrates Anniversary + TobyMac Earns Another Gold


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Megan Nicole Shares Breathtaking Photos From Canadian Trip

Internet star Megan Nicole and her hubby, Cooper, recently jetted up north to the chilly country of Canada. Despite Spring starting in the US, there is still plenty of snow near the snow-filled mountains of Alberta. In a set of photos, the happy couple showed off their winter wonderland, as well as, a glimpse into their first helicopter ride and stepping on the glass floor in Calgary Tower.

Each scenic image is more mesmerizing than the next. Check out the series of photos Megan and Cooper posted below:

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Hello from Calgary 👋🏼

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“Batman” hopeful, Joey Lawrence, Shares Adorable Dog Video on National Pet Day

Yesterday, veteran actor Joey Lawrence had some fun on social media by honoring his furry best friend. Joey shared a brief message stressing the importance of caring for pets and praising his own precious dog.

Check out that wonderful message and cute video clip below:

“#nationalpetday is today!!! And While loving our pets is something we do every day, #nationalpetday encourages us to pay special attention to pets who may not get that extra attention. Helping out orphaned pet companions will improve their health and enhance their opportunities for adoption. #my #bestfriend #chewbacca aka “chewee” is the #greatest little guy ever! But warning … I may be a little biased! 😉😊#love you all …. have a beautiful day!! #godbless #muchlove 🙏”

In recent months, Joey Lawrence has showed interest in playing the next Batman. BTSCelebs supports him all the way! I’m hoping he is the next Batman in the DC Universe.

Credit: Joey’s Instagram

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[Poll] What Are Your Favorite TV Dramas?

It has been awhile since BTSCelebs posted a poll about your favorite things. With the popularity of BTS, BLACKPINK and films like “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before“, Asia is popping up on America’s radar once again. We are falling in love with entertainment from our neighbors in the East, and I want to know which country supplies your favorite TV dramas. I’m a longtime Korean drama fan, but I have viewed some Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese programming over the years as well. I believe they all have their own quite charm.

Today, I want to hear from you. What Are Your Favorite TV Dramas?

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The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz Meets “The Big Bang Theory” Star


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