Cooper Green and Megan Nicole Explore California Together

Cooper Green posted on Instagram today, “Drove up and down the California coast this weekend with @megannicolemusic. This was just one of many unbelievable views. The world is a pretty place.”

Megan Nicole instagrammed, “Next level messy bun. Went from St Helena to Santa Cruz to SLO and more these past few days, exploring with @coopertake1. Now back to work! I’m about to record something fun for y’all”

*All rights to the images and quotes belong to the engaged couple.*

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[Interview] Dancer Teddy Watler: “I Admire Prince Charming’s Commitment to Search for His True Love, ‘Cinderella'”

BTSCelebs:Who is Teddy Watler?
Teddy Watler: I am originally from California, but I moved to Chicago in 2013 to begin my undergraduate studies. Though I have always loved ballet, I also knew I wanted to receive a college education. Now in my senior year, I am happy to continue pursuing dance as a member of the A&A Ballet Youth Company.

What piqued your interest in dance?
My parents offered to enroll me in dance classes after I saw my first production of “The Nutcracker” at the age of four, and I have been dancing ever since.

Tell us about your first dance recital.
I first performed in the Long Beach Ballet Academy’s production of “Coppélia” when I was four years old, not too long after beginning ballet classes. I do not remember the experience too well, but I do remember falling in love with dance—it was an exciting introduction to performing onstage!

How has your tenure been with A&A Ballet this past season?
I have had an enjoyable year working under Alexei Kremnev and Anna Reznik at A&A Ballet. It has been a good experience; I am grateful to have danced with a friendly cohort of young artists in a supportive environment.

Why did you choose to be apart of “Cinderella”?
As a member of the A&A Ballet Youth Company, performing in “Cinderella” seemed like an obvious decision. We have spent many months rehearsing the production. I am especially happy with how the final pas de deux between “Cinderella” and the prince has come along in rehearsals, and I hope Chicago audiences will enjoy it, too.

What traits do you share with the fantasy Prince Charming? How do you differ?
I admire Prince Charming’s commitment to searching for his true love, “Cinderella”, after she leaves the ball at midnight. But I’m not sure I’d chase a love interest across the world after just one night of dancing!

What can we anticipate from you in the upcoming the 2017-2018 season?
I’ll be moving back to the west coast to join Oregon Ballet Theater 2. I am excited to find out what next year holds!

“Cinderella” plays at the Studebaker Theatre in Chicago,IL. on Saturday, May 27th at 7PM.

* BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Teddy Watler and A&A Ballet for the interview and photos.*

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Jordin Sparks Celebrates American Idol Anniversary

Jordin Sparks has been rejoicing for a decade!

Today, the Season 6 winner of American Idol basked in the moment that kicked off her career years ago. She shared her unforgettable “Idol” moment with this message on social media today:

“10 years ago, today, my life changed forever. Thank you will never be enough. ♥️♥️♥️ #80066 #AI6Forever ••• What was your favorite performance or memory from that season?”

Here’s looking forward to another 10 years of musical happiness for her! Keep the decades coming, Jordin! I hope she seriously consider being a judge when the series does return.

All rights to the images and quote belongs to Jordin Sparks.

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Theatre Review: A&A Ballet’s “Cinderella”

Bravo to the cast of “Cinderella”!

Today, BTSCelebs was given the golden opportunity to review A&A Ballet’s Naperville premiere of “Cinderella”. This wonderful version is a drastic change to the original tale in the best way possible.

Dancers Ella Dorman and Teddy Watler magically transform into Cinderella and Prince Charming and have us believing in fairytales all over again. A&A Ballet’s president Alexei Kremnev soared as the Wicked Stepmother, while the Stepsisters and The Jester brightened the show even more with their comedic performances. I loved the way he included the children by letting them portray the roles of the Grasshoppers, Butterflies and Bees. The Gnomes kept the mystical theme of Cinderella alive without being too dark.

“Cinderella” was a joy from start to finish. I highly recommend you see this masterpiece before it’s too late.

“Cinderella” plays at the Pfeiffer Hall in Naperville,IL tonight and Saturday, May 27th at 7PM at the Studebaker Theatre in Chicago,IL.

* BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to A&A Ballet for the press passes and photos.*

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For King and Country’s Joel Smallbone Celebrates a Milestone with Wife, Moriah Peters

Joel Smallbone tweets: “Don’t mind me, just on my way to become an American citizen! 🇺🇸😀”

All rights to the image and quotes belongs to for KING & COUNTRY.

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BTSCelebs to Review Becky Wade’s “True To You”

This week, BTSCelebs received Becky Wade’s latest release in the mail. I’m still new to Ms. Wade’s work, but I’m already on chapter 2 of “True to You”. So far so good. I look forward to learning more about the librarian and former military man’s love story. When I first saw this elegant book, I thought it was a historical novel, but I was pleasantly surprised that it is actually a modern tale.

Stay tuned for the complete review in the coming months.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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[Interview] Actor Jonathan Nieves: “The River Bride’s Story Is So Rich”

Welcome to part 2 of BTSCelebs’ interview with the actors from “The River Bride”! It’s time to meet Jonathan Nieves.

BTSCelebs: Who is Jonathan Nieves?

Jonathan Nieves: I would describe myself as charismatic, passionate, jokester and hard worker.

How did you get your start in acting?

When the bug bit me, I was maybe 10 years old in my church’s Christmas production. I played Gabriel the Angel who tells Mary that Baby Jesus is in her belly. I just remember wanting everyone to laugh and when they did, it felt amazing! 

Why did you choose to be a part of “The River Bride”?

I chose to be a part of ‘The River Bride’ because the story is so rich! It’s got love, magic, heartbreak and ambition. It’s just a really great story that I’m proud to be a part of. 

What similarities do you share with your character Duarte? How do you differ?

We definitely differ in our way of expression. Duarte is less familiar with expressing his emotions, has a tougher exterior, and it takes a lot to earn his trust. I tend to be more open, trusting, and way more welcoming than Duarte. However, we have a lot in common in terms of how we both are heavily guided by our family, tradition, and morals. Especially when choosing those characteristics over love. But you’ll have to watch the show to find out how Duarte deals with that. 

You are the co-founder of Visión Latino Theatre Company. Very impressive! Tell us more about you organization.

Visión Latino Theatre Company’s visión is to  break down racial boundaries and to open the minds of audiences to latino struggles and perseverance through theatre. I’m very excited to have started this company with Xavier and Yajaira Custodio and bring even more Latinex theatre to the Chicago Community. 

Are there any projects we should anticipate from Visión Latino Theatre Company in the near future? Any upcoming projects for the 2017-2018 season?

Yes, we will be having a fundraiser and a reading coming up this fall along with the announcement of our 2017/18 season. People can sign up for more info at 

Catch Jonathan Nieves’s performance in “The River Bride” at the Halycon Theatre in Chicago from May 11th thru June 18th, 2017.

*A Special Thanks to The Silverman Group for the Interview and Image*

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