Rookie Singer, Peter Han, joins Arirang Radio

Last week, singer Peter Han officially became a regular guest on Isak’s radio show “Kpoppin'”. The former “K-pop Star 3” contestant joins Isak and Kate Kim on Friday’s “AYOU” segment (aka Any Song You Want). Peter shared the selfie above with his co-worker via Instagram late last week announcing his arrival.

Peter: “Check out @arirangkpoppin Any song you want with @realisak, @misskatekim and myself. Ill perform live. It starts… (1pm Seoultime) • #peterhan #피터한 #arirangkpoppin”

I’ve been a fan of Isak’s Friday segment since Mid-Day Break’s “Sing 4 U”. Fridays eventually turned into “Ugly Truth”, “To Be Honest” and now its “AYOU”. I miss Isak’s chemistry with Sooyoon and the quirky upbeat attitude of Alexander Lee (Eusebio), however, I hope Peter makes the segment his own with some fun dancing and hilarious jokes.

His chemistry with Kate is already undeniable to listeners….I look forward to hearing more from him in the near future.

All rights to the image belongs to Peter Han and Kate Kim.

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BTSCelebs to Review Carla Laureano’s “The Saturday Night Supper Club”

It’s been awhile since BTSCelebs reviewed a Tyndale House Publishers book. So, I decided to put an end to the hiatus and review a couple of their upcoming winter 2018 releases. Last week, novel #1 arrived in the mail! It’s a review copy of Carla Laureano‘sThe Saturday Night Supper Club’‘(Feb. 2018 release date). This will be my first time reading any of Ms. Laureano’s work…… so it should be an exciting fall/winter season.

The book is suppose to be a story that focuses on the unlikely relationship between a chef and an essayist.

In the coming months, look forward to a complete review of “The Saturday Night Supper Club”.

*A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers Inc. for the review copy.*

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Shawn Mendes Shares Clash Magazine Still

Earlier today, Shawn Mendes instagrammed: “@clashmagazine”

All rights to the image and quote belong to Shawn Mendes and Clash Magazine.

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[Interview] Because of Gracia star, Chris Massoglia, is Hollywood’s New Boy-Next-Door

In Because of Gracia, actor Chris Massoglia plays the friendly neighbor you can easily become best friends with. His character, Chase Morgan, is the typical shy guy who was raised in a good household. While Chase’s family teaches him old-fashioned morals, he learns so much more about life through Gracia Davis. Today, BTSCelebs introduces you to actor Chris Massoglia and discover more about the guy behind the good guy role.

BTSCelebs: Who is Chris Massoglia?

Chris Massoglia: Good question! Since I’m only 25,  I’m still figuring that out! Recently in a class, I had to pick three words to describe myself . So, I picked sexy, hott, & beautiful. Just kidding — I picked: bold, truthful, & loyal — I feel like those describe me pretty well.

Who inspired you to pursue a career in acting?

God. I never really wanted to be in acting but the doors just keep opening for me so I’m like well this seems to be my life path… alright God…

Why did you choose to be apart of “Because of Gracia”?

When Because of Gracia came up, I actually wasn’t doing a ton of auditions. I hadn’t been to LA in five years when I auditioned for the role of Chase! I decided to be apart of this film because I really believe in the message of the film. How the whole process came about was really providential.

Tell us about the audition process for Chase Morgan.

Like I said, I wasn’t really doing auditions when this project came to me. It was really interesting, because my pastor had recently watched a film called ‘God’s Not Dead’. After he saw this movie, he told me about it and was like ‘these are the types of movies I think it’d be really cool for you to be apart of!’ I kind of shrugged it off at the time & was like ‘Yeah, I guess…’ So then, I was super surprised when THREE days later I get an email from my manager saying I had been requested to audition for this project: ‘from the co-producers of God’s Not Dead’ — I was in shock! Because the circumstances seemed pretty unusual I auditioned & BAM got the role!

What was like to work with Moriah Peters on her very first movie? 

I was honestly pretty nervous about who was going to be playing Gracia. Not only was it my love interest, but also as the lead role The success of the film really rested on the Gracia character. I remember meeting Moriah for the first time and after our first day on set I was like “YES — she’s actually a good actress!!” I was so happy. I too like most people had a stigma that faith friendly films don’t always hire the best actors. So, I was pretty thrilled once I started acting with Moriah, she did SUCH a good job carrying this film.

What message is your character Chase sending to young guys today?

You CAN get the girl of your dreams!! I think every young guy can relate to my character Chase in ‘Because Of Gracia’ — we’ve all had that crush we’re scared to approach or those moments where we’re afraid to voice an opinion because of what others will think or say. The message is being who you are, not being afraid to do what’s right instead of what’s easy really will draw people to you as a leader and your confidence will soar!

Who was your favorite character in the movie? Favorite story-line? 

My favorite character was probably Brett Simes as OB (Chase’s best friend), or Maxfield Camp as Jorge (your typical HS stoner kid). Both Brett & Maxfield really brought their characters to life and added a special piece to ‘Because Of Gracia’ through their comedic timing and unique characters. My favorite story line was Bobbi’s (a girl in class going through the biggest trial of her life). Rachael Hayward did a fantastic job depicting the reality of the struggles that so many girls go through with guys and relationships — Bobbi has such a great character arc in Gracia — it’s great!

What projects can we look forward to seeing you in 2018?

I’m just finishing up a small role in a film called ‘Lumber Baron’ it’s a period drama about the ‘Lumber Lords of the 1900’s.’ A pretty fun project, old costumes, and MASSIVE horses. Good stuff!

Because of Gracia premieres in select theaters this Friday! Click Here to learn more sbout the Chris and the film. 

BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Chris Massoglia, MJM Entertainment Group and Two PR for the exclusive interview.


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In Real Life Debuts New Music Video This Week

All rights to the photo and video clip belongs to Disney and Hollywood Records.

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Lara Jean Casting in “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”: Why Didn’t Jeon Somi or Tia Cuevas Get Chosen?

Jeon Somi and Tia Cuevas

I’m sure Lana Candor is an amazing actress, and this post is in no way disrespecting her.

However, I’m surprised that the casting department for the movie “To All The Boys I Loved Before” didn’t follow the book to a T when choosing Lara Jean Song Covey. Hollywood is always very picky when it comes to casting based on ethnicity, even movie extras. In the book, Lara is described as bi-racial (half Caucasian and Korean) and two of South Korea’s well-known bi-racial idols Jeon Somi or Tia Cuevas (former Chocolat member) closely fit the description. Not to mention, Somi is exactly 16 years-old (which mirrors Lara’s age in book 1). If they ever wanted to turn the film into a Broadway musical, both of these ladies can sing and dance too!

The ladies mentioned in this article may have been in the running and just passed up on the offer. No one knows for sure. Nonetheless, I just had to state my opinion. In addition, I sincerely hope they clean up the language for the film version. I found the book’s use of profanity more appropriate for an adult novel than a book geared for pre-teens. The sequel “P.S. I Still Love You” was definitely filled with even more adult language.

Image Credits: JYP Ent and Tia’s Instagram

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First Look: Will Smith Snaps BTS Photo with “Aladdin” Live Action Cast

Will Smith via Facebook:We just started shooting Aladdin and I wanted to intro you guys to our new family… Mena Massoud/Aladdin, Naomi Scott/Princess Jasmine, Marwan Kenzari/Jafar, and I’m over here gettin my Genie on. Here we go! “

All rights to the photo belongs to Will Smith and Disney.

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