ABC’s “Take Two” Introduces Alice Lee Tonight

Earlier today, actress Alice Lee reminded viewers that her spunky, new detective series airs tonight. Her grinder character (aka Sam’s assistant, Monica) meets viewers for the first time as well.

Check out Alice’s musical invitation below:

Click Here to read my review of episode 1 and 2 of “Take Two”.

*A Special Thanks to The Lippin Group for the info and image.*

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“Samantha Brown’s Places to Love” Summer Premiere Date

Samantha Brown shared on social media: “I’m excited to announce that Samantha Brown’s Places to Love will receive its Create TV premiere on July 17! Create is your home for how-to, featuring public TV’s top cooking, travel, home-improvement and crafting shows. Visit to find local channels and airtime.”

All rights to the images and quote belongs to Samantha Brown.

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Michael B. Jordan and Megan Nicole Share “Creed 2” and “Clueless” Teasers

Actor Michael B. Jordan plans to end his 3 year Adonis Creed hiatus this Thanksgiving with the release of “Creed 2”. This week, the handsome star shared photo and video teasers promoting the upcoming sports drama (which is the 8th installment in Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky franchise.)

Check out the thrilling video clip here:

Megan Nicole is very proud of her winter EP “My Kind of Party”. She recently shared a clip of an acoustic version of “Clueless”.

Listen to her peaceful rendition below:

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[TV Show Review] ABC’s “Take Two”

Next week, stars Rachel Bilson and Eddie Cibrian make their grand return to television in ABC’s “Take Two”.

The upbeat detective show is all about an actress from a defunct crime series joining forces with a real detective. She originally sticks by him to learn the ropes but ends up helping him solve cases and boosts his agency. My first impression of the show is “Criminal Minds” meets “Gilmore Girls”. The detective’s life is reminiscent of the most popular crime shows, while the famous actress’ fast talk and quirky humor brings back GG memories. “Take Two” is very fast paced with a touch of the action genre. Fans of Hollywood’s crime, action and romance productions will find this show intriguing.

In episode one, detective Eddie Valetik (Cibrian) meets actress Sam Swift (Bilson) for the first time, and she tags along on his missing persons case. Even though her presence seems like a nuisance in the beginning, she holds the key to solving a related murder and catching a gang boss.

In episode two, the detective pair accidentally witness a murder during a Cheaters investigation. A woman is dead and her married lover is suspected to be her killer. Appearances are very deceiving because the woman turned out to be the master of disguise who indirectly got involved with a dangerous cartel. On a side note, we also get introduced to Sam’s new assistant Monica, who is a self-professed cyborg. Monica (played by actress Alice Lee) has biohacking implants in both of her hands.

According to the show’s official press release, Terri Edda Miller and Andrew W. Marloweby (the masterminds behind the ABC gem “Castle”) created and executive produced this new series. Tandem Productions, MilMar Pictures and ABC Studios join forces to bring his fast paced fictional story to life.

“Take Two” premieres on ABC June 21 and episode 2 airs on June 28.

*A Special Thanks to The Lippin Group and ABC/Disney for the screeners.*

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Special Tony Award Recipients

Tonight, the “72nd Annual Tony Awards” plans to honor theatre stars for their outstanding on-stage skills. While Broadway fans are anxious to see if their favorites will score an award tonight, some awards were announced for special categories prior to the show.

Let’s take a look at a couple winners now:


All rights to the images belong to the Tony Awards and CBS.

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BTSCelebs to Review Diann Mills’ “Burden of Proof”

BTSCelebs is taking a brief break from rom-com books to absorb the mystery and suspense goodness of Diann Mills. I was blown away by the 2015 novel “Taken”, and intrigued by Drew Fathering’s mysteries… so I thought it was about time I gave another thrilling project a chance.

Yesterday, BTSCelebs received the review copy of Diann Mills’ “Burden of Proof”(scheduled for an October 2018 release). It’s all about a FBI Special Agent who gets caught up in a dangerous situation with an abandoned baby and a fugitive.

I’ll get started on this thick action-packed novel ASAP and deliver the best review in the coming weeks!

*A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for an advance reader copy of the book*

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Shawn Mendes Acknowledges Fans for Their Unwavering Support

All rights to the photo and video belong to Shawn Mendes and Wonderland magazine.

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