The Art Institute Of Chicago [Museum Review]


After living in the Chicago area all of my life, I FINALLY paid a visit to the Institute this week.

What did I expect to see? Boring pieces that I would not be able to understand or care about. However, contrary to popular belief, the museum is full of interesting pieces of history and religion.

When you enter the building you are taken on a trip thru time….a place where African, America, and European collide. You have a chance to see what your ancestors worshiped, dined with, and just plain lived in! Clothes, miniature rooms, and many idol gods filled the place I thought would only hold paintings and sculptures.

Now, don’t get me wrong the place still has plenty of paintings and sculptures for your viewing pleasure, but there is also many places for the rest of us [artistically appreciative challenged people] to enjoy.

I recommend all [with a solid religious background] to check out this museum. If you are not steadfast in your religion, you may be swayed by the numerous Eastern gods taking over the main hall.


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