BTSCelebs Book Review: Tim Redmond’s “Power To Create”


Abundance…  pure and simple.

Tim Redmond changes readers views about money and success in this religious focused self-help novel. A word used to describe God in “Power To Create” is Abundance. Redmond believes that God wants Christians to prosper and is determined for them to succeed.

Mr. Redmond tells readers to use creativity, problem solving and current resources to produce massive results and eliminate scarcity. God desires Christians to serve others and be productive. If you refer to the bible passages Mr. Redmond gives and follow God’s example to be creative and fruitful… you can discover your own success.

Overall, the book is very inspiring, uplifting and compels you to put your thinking cap on! I recommend this book to all the people who love brainstorming and solving problems.

Mr. Redmond closes his book with this statement when he describes what it will be like to enjoy the fruits of your labor: “…. the world will see Jesus in such a clear and compelling way that it will be transformed, and you will embrace the joy of living out your powerful God-designed purpose.”

Click Here to read my interview with Mr. Tim Redmond about “Power To Create”.

**BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Tim Redmond and Lori Lenz–Heiselman for a copy of the book and image.**

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