[Interview] 5 Questions with actor Tilky Jones


BTSCelebs: Why did you choose to star in “Naughty & Nice”?

Tilky Jones: When my agents brought me the script, I just fell in love with its positive message. I was really able to connect with Sterling’s story and perspective.  And when I found out Sam was directing and Haylie would be co-starring it was an easy choice. 

Your chemistry with co-star Haylie Duff is electric on-screen! How did the two of you get along behind-the-scenes?

It was like we had known each other for years, and it also turns our we have a lot of mutual friends. She is such a wonderful, kind and spirited person. I’m so thrilled that she is going to be a mom soon. She has a such a giving and nurturing spirit. She’s going to make an amazing mother.

What about the rest of the cast? Do you think you made new lifelong BFFs from the movie?

Absolutely, it was an amazing production with great people. Maureen, Eric, Haylie, and several other cast mates and crew would have a great time together off set. Such a talented and high energy group, it really made the production fly. The director Sam has a wonderful heart, took us all out to dinner when we wrapped and gave us a copy of his book. I’m still in touch with everyone. We all hope to work together again at some point. 

Tell us about one unforgettable moment behind-the-scenes.


On set up in idyllwilld one day, I brought my guitar and between cabin scenes we began passing the guitar back and forth between me and Maureen. The whole cast broke out into song. We had a great time. 

What productions will you be apart of in the near future?

I am currently focusing on my music. I’m in the studio working on a new album due out next year. And I also have some newly released music videos for my current iTunes ep The Aesthetic Experience.

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*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Tilky Jones and UP tv PR for the exclusive interview.*


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  1. Fran says:

    Tilky Jones new official website: http://www.tilkymjones.com

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