Dream Duet: Mandisa and Elliott Yamin

Credit: Mandisa's Official Facebook Page

Credit: Mandisa’s Official Facebook Page


Two heavenly voices you have to hear to believe.

Former American Idol contestants Mandisa and Elliott Yamin have come a long way since their AI days. Mandisa embarked on a successful music career in the CCM industry (and is now a Grammy award winner), while Billboard chart topper Elliott Yamin blew music lovers away with his hot mainstream albums released in the US and Japan

If I had the golden opportunity to sit in on any singer’s recording session….it would be these two, hands down! I have never heard singers like them who seemed to be born with the vocal ability to amaze us album after album. Their vocals are superb! I sincerely hope they consider forming a duet in the near future. The world needs voices like theirs.

Listen to their impressive tracks below:

I love these two amazing talents!

All rights to the images belongs to Mandisa and Elliott Yamin.

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