Book Review: Melissa Tagg’s “Like Never Before”


“Like Never Before” was surprising.

Author Melissa Tagg abandoned her sugary sweet stories of the past, and mixed LNB with a little mystery and heartbreak. Amelia Bentley and Logan Walker’s heart-racing love story was set in the picturesque Maple Valley (reminiscent of “Gilmore Girls'” Stars Hollow) in Iowa. Even though the town is fictional, Tagg indirectly invites readers to move into the small town where the Walker family is pretty much local royalty.

In the story, local newspaper editor Amelia finally meets the guy whose writing she fell in love with. The problem is….he is about to shut down her beloved hometown paper. The pair begin their journey of arguing, camaraderie and ultimately love in the tale bound together by a alleged prank pulled on Maple Valley by a late rich resident. The past and present mesh to create this heart-tugging story about discovery and finally letting go of past heartbreak.

This wasn’t my favorite Melissa Tagg story, but it was an ok read. In my opinion, there was too much emphasis on death and not enough on happiness and life. Plus, the one use of the word “Holy” was a little blasphemous and not characteristic of previous novels from Tagg.

If you are a history buff and love stories dealing with overcoming death and heartbreak, this story is for you. “Like Never Before” does have a happy ending.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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