Book Review: Carla Laureano’s The Solid Grounds Coffee Company

Another modern-day romance has arrived! 

After learning all about Rachel and Melody, author Carla Laureano decided to place the spotlight on the third friend, the strong, independent publicist Ana Sanchez.

In “The Solid Grounds Coffee Company”, Ana’s heart and biggest secret is revealed. From finding true love to realizing the value of her career choice, Ana slowly matures in this romantic novel. She wonders if she can maintain her seemingly perfect lifestyle as life takes an unexpected turn and her secret surfaces. Ana’s soulmate, Bryan Shaw, has quite a bit of growing up to do as well! Following an unwelcomed visit from his past, Bryan abandons his irresponsible playboy lifestyle and starts his own “coffee company”. His new business is the key to bringing the two together and helping heal their broken hearts.

“The Solid Grounds Coffee Company” is a good installment to wrap up “A Supper Club Novel” series…. with the best ending.  Throughout the novel, there is love, solid friendship, faith and plenty of food and coffee to make readers hungry for homecooked meals.  The book turns out to be a very modern romance that is sure to interest people of all faiths.

“The Solid Grounds Coffee Company” releases in February 2020.

*A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the advance reader copy of the book*

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