Book Review: A.K. Pittman’s Pudge and Prejudice

Puppy love and fast food are the highlights of this “Pride and Prejudice” retelling.

The late Jane Austen would be intrigued and surprised by A.K. Pittman’s “Pudge and Prejudice”. This 1980s teen version follows the outline of the classic, while making some drastic changes. The large family of sisters is intact with Elyse, Jayne, Lydia, the youngest sisters (who are affectionately called The Littles) and their parents. The dashing suitors are named Charlie Bingley, Gage Wickham and Billy Fitz (the new Mr. Darcy). The main changes were the the decade and age of the characters. This time around, the girls aren’t seeking marriage just an appropriate boyfriend.

What is a brief summary of the story in my own words? Elyse is our new Elizabeth, who is prideful yet insecure about her own appearance. When two guys start showing interest in her, the teenage heroine begins to examine her appearance and soul. Sprinkled in the story are Elyse’s inner circle of friends,  unique mixes of fast food, Jayne’s coveted romance, and Lydia’s boy crazy ways.

Everyone will have a different opinion about this particular version of the story. If you adore Jane Austen, you’ll have to read it and compare it to your favorites.

A.K. Pittman’s “Pudge and Prejudice” is scheduled to be released on January 12th, 2020.

*A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the press copy of the book and cover image*

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