Review: Andrews and Wilson’s “Dark Angel”

Powerful character Jedidah Johnson returns this Spring for diehard fans of The Shepherds Series.

Andrews and Wilson’s new book “Dark Angel” picks up right where “Dark Intercept” left off. Readers are able to follow Jed’s journey at a new Jericho training facility (one of The Shepherds’ headquarters) in Tennessee, while we see where former Shepherd Nicholas Woland is and the whereabouts of Detective Maria Perez. In a short amount of time, Jed learns how to excel in spiritual and physical warfare at the training grounds. He even embraces his new friendly teammates and a possible love interest. Characters Nicholas and Maria are on the opposing team more commonly known as The Dark Ones. Unfathomable destruction at a famous holy location and infiltrating The Shepherds to destroy them are the immediate goals of the villains.

The Shepherds and The Dark Ones go head to head in the religious war meant to instill hate around the world. Without the expert insight of Jed and young Watchers Corbin and Sarah Beth Yarnell, The Shepherds’ mission would be almost impossible. As the book progresses, the Good Vs Evil fight remains intense and the ending is the most shocking of all.

The thriller “Dark Angel” is as raw and gritty as they come. It is unapologetic in its way of sharing the gospel to the mainstream world. There is plenty of action, supernatural moments and references to Bible scriptures throughout. Based on BTSCelebs’ previous reviews, I think it has elements of Dean Cain’s TRAFFICKED, Tobin Bell and Jason Mac’s A Father’s Legacy and DiAnn Mills’ “Fatal Strike“. The unexplainable visions and wrestling demons in real time are its own unique factors.

Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson’s “Dark Angel” is scheduled to be released on April 5th, 2022.

*A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the advance reader copy of the book and cover image*

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