Review: T.I. Lowe’s “Indigo Isle”

The story of “Indigo Isle” follows Hollywood location scout Sonny Bates arriving near her hometown in South Carolina for a movie project. As the filming progresses, readers learn that Sonny has two big secrets in her life, her abusive romantic relationship with her boss and estrangement from her family.

Her life transforms when she meets a recluse named Hudson Renfrow on his own private island (Indigo Isle). His once small family was destroyed by tragedy that he can’t get over. Now, he wants nothing to do with civilization. Hudson punishes himself for his past by living in seclusion. Sonny Bates starts to encourage his healing process, while he does the same for her. Of course, they begin falling in love with each other throughout the novel.

“Indigo Isle” deals with serious subjects that require readers to be understanding and open-minded. Sonny Bates’ abusive relationship with her boyfriend is completely unexpected and jarring at times. Her family background and Hudson Renfrow’s full story are quite the tearjerkers. Besides the references to Holy scriptures, I felt this novel was more mainstream than past T.I. Lowe books BTSCelebs’ reviewed. (Mainly due to the mature subject matter between Sonny Bates and her boss.) Overall, this was a dramatic and realistic look at two people who are searching for hope.

“Indigo Isle” will be released on June 6th, 2023.

A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the advance reader copy of the book and cover image. 

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