Book Review: T.I. Lowe’s “Beach Haven”

Wishes comes true in Sunset Cove.

T.I. Lowe’s new novel “Beach Haven” brings a raw and realistic love story to life.  Characters Opal Gilbert and Lincoln Cole meet under the most unlikely circumstances at an eccentric resell shop. Opal is the upbeat shop owner, while Cole is a moody ex-soldier with a broken heart and leg, who just happens to be her new employee. It takes an unexpected hurricane and a health scare to bring these two closer together. During their long journey into each other’s hearts, they mingle with family, friends and learn that hard work really does pay off in the end. Opal’s seashell wishes (aka prayers) play a key role in opening Lincoln’s eyes to see the blessings around him.

“Beach Haven” is a sweet love story wrapped in an emotional melodrama. Lincoln Cole’s agony from his war injury takes center-stage, while readers are introduced to the residents of Sunset Cove. I recommend this book to anyone who adores melodramas with a good dose of inspiration. “Beach Haven” is book one in the trio of novels in The Carolina Coast Series.

T.I. Lowe’s “Beach Haven” will be officially released on April 7th, 2020.

*A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the advance reader copy of the book and cover image*

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